Colline Metallifere are candidates to become a green community

The project for the announcement of the Presidency of the Council: investments in sustainable development, energy saving, environment and tourism for over 4 million

The Metalliferous Hills in the province of Grosseto aim to become a ‘green community’, that is, a set of local communities that collaborate to exploit in a balanced way the main resources at their disposal and which will be financed in the implementation of sustainable development plans from an energy, environmental, economic and social point of view. Thus was born the idea of ​​participating in the European Union tender made available in the Pnrr area aimed at promoting and rewarding the development of 30 plans dedicated to Green Communities in our country.

The project proposal was developed thanks to the synergy between the Union of Municipalities Montana Colline Metallifer, as leader, the Colline Metallifere National Park, the seven municipalities that are part of it (Follonica, Gavorrano, Massa Marittima, Monterotondo Marittimo, Montieri, Roccastrada , Scarlino) and the Tuscany Coast Reclamation Consortium n. 5. The announcement was presented on August 16 to the Presidency of the Council – Department for Regional Affairs and Autonomies.

In the call for proposals, green economy, soft mobility and sustainability projects for a request of 4 million and 200 thousand euros, close to the maximum limit set by the call of 4 million and 300 thousand euros.

Among the projects, the integrated and certified management of the forest and water resources, the production of energy from renewable sources, cycle and pedestrian bridges along the Via delle Città Etrusche; a website dedicated to tourism and agri-food promotion; a bike point at the Casa Cantoniera Rondelli in Follonica; the cycle / pedestrian path on the canal embankment connecting Bagno di Gavorrano – Puntone; widespread reception.

“With this announcement we put to good use a work already done in many years – explains Lidia Bai, president of the Colline Metallifere National Park – and in its elaboration we realized how each municipality had already started with its own projects and skills. With the Union of Municipalities we have put together all these proposals in a general project that will allow us, if the call is financed, to take a good slice of the future ”.

Nicola Verruzzi, president of the Union of Municipalities Montana Colline Metallifere, thanking all the organizations that participated, remembers “that times were very tight and the tender was very complex. If everything goes well, as we hope, we will reach the goal to create a green community in this area, one of the first experiences of this kind in Italy “.