Colombia, Tigres president shot dead after a match

Edgar Paez was killed last Saturday by two men on a motorcycle after the match lost against Atletico de Cali

Edgar Paez Cortes, president of the Colombian team Tigres, was killed last Saturday following an ambush involving two men on a motorcycle. The 65-year-old, in the car with his unharmed daughter, would have been hit with three gunshots around 6pm. The Metropolitan Police of Bogota, in the hours following the news’ diffusion, confirmed that the murder took place in the Ortezal neighbourhood, in the Puente Aranda area. Rushed to the Méderi hospital, he was declared dead despite attempts by the medical staff to resuscitate him.

The tragedy occurred a few hours ago after the match played at the Techo Stadium in Bogota between Tigres and Atletico de Cali, lost 3-2 by Paez’s team. After the first rumors began to spread on social media, confirmation arrived from the Colombian Federation which made the news official with a tweet.

“The Colombian Football Federation and its Executive Committee regret the death of Édgar Paez, president of Club Tigres FC. Colombian football expresses its condolences and closeness to family, friends and relatives in their grief.” Investigations are underway to identify the perpetrators of the murder: it remains to be seen whether the motive is strictly linked to football reasons.