Colombian comedian destroyed Karol G and the networks exploded

Karol G is, without a doubt, one of the most important artists worldwide and the Colombian singer has managed to conquer not only Latin America, but was able to transcend borders. Beyond the music, La Bichota falls in love with everyone with her incredible silhouette and what she receives is more praise than criticism. However, in recent days controversy has been generated by some sayings of Lokillo about her that caused outrage.

The race of Carol G. She is at her best and the fact is that the interpreter of ‘Provence’ has just released her most recent album called ‘Mañana ser bonito’, which includes collaborations with Shakira and other artists. In addition, the Colombian singer is carrying out a tour of several countries. At 32 years old, the artist has become one of the great references in the world of reggaeton and is leading with her successes, most of the digital platforms.

Karol G is in the best moment of his career. Source Instagram @karolg

Carol G. Not only does she captivate with her impressive voice and talent on stage, but she steals attention with her incredible body. On more than one occasion, La Bichota has turned on social networks with photos that have been on the verge of censorship where she is seen showing off her incredible curves with tight swimsuits or low-cut looks of hers. However, she received harsh criticism from a Colombian comedian, Lokillo Florez, who made fun of her and caused anger on social networks.

Despite the fact that she is very loved, Karol G was criticized. Source Instagram @karolg

Lokillo He is a 36-year-old comedian who is characterized by his ‘black humor’, but his sayings did not go down well with Bichota’s fans. It is that the compatriot said in one of his presentations: “They saw the photo of Karol G. Cabe – G … once Shakira and Karol G went to the market together, they came to the vegetable section and Shakira chose the long onion and Karol G stubborn”.

The comment of Lokillo caused outrage among fans of Carol G. who manifested themselves on their social networks and targeted the comedian: “Today you stop being my favorite comedian”, “They are wonderful, but Karol G is too dear to be mocked.” It is not the first time that the comedian has made fun of celebrities, since he has done it on other occasions.