Colorado, 22, calls the police for help: killed by gunshots

His SUV was bogged down and he called emergency services for help. Christian Glass it would have been killed on June 11 by an agent from the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado. Police said they shot the 22-year-old man as he attempted to stab the officers. The footage of an officer’s bodycam seems to contradict this version.

What happened that night

The video shows the agents who had answered the call as they surround the car and order the boy to get off. Christian refuses, telling himself “Terrified”. At that point, the policemen notice that the young man has a knife and a hammer with him. He offers to throw them out the window but agents keep telling him to leave the car. The situation becomes more tense and Glass raises his hands to show that he is unarmed. The boy, who according to the family’s lawyers was having a psychotic crisishas repeatedly addressed the agents hands joined to form a heart and sent kisses to the cops.

“It is time for the night to go on,” said one of the officers in command. The video shows the cops breaking a window, Glass fidgets in the car and picks up the knife. An agent hits him with one beanbag guna gun that fires a bag containing lead shot, and another then uses a taser. As the young man moves convulsively on the seat, an officer shoots him five times. The agents then break the driver’s window and drag the body out of the vehicle. The 22-year-old died on the spot.

“The act of simply calling emergency health services cannot be a death sentence,” said the Rathod / Mohamedbhai law firm representing the family.

“He trusted the police to come and help him”

Christian Glass was born in New Zealand, had US, New Zealand and British citizenship. The parentsduring a press conference held on 13 September, they described him as a “kind and polite boy” and a talented athlete, artist and cook. “He was dark and he was really worried. He trusted the police to come and help him. Instead, they attacked and killed him“said the father, Simon Glass.

Three months later, the family is now doing pressure on the authorities to open up a trial against the agentsheld responsible for the death of the young man.

“An autopsy determined that Glass died of gunshot wounds. It also showed that he had a blood alcohol level of 0.01% and THC in his system, as well as amphetamine, which Rathod said would likely result from a prescription for the treatment of Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder. ” NBC News reported.