Comau, more efficient battery testing with the support of the European Union

As part of the Fastest project, supported by the European Union within the Horizon Europe research and innovation program, Comau aims to significantly accelerate the testing and verification of batteries for automotive and stationary use

In a context of growing attention towards innovation and sustainable development, Comau (Stellantis group) announces its participation in the Fastest project, supported by the European Union as part of Horizon Europe, which marks a significant step towards efficiency and sustainability in the battery industry. Comau, with expertise in digitalization, process simulation and electrification, is committed to implementing advanced technologies to accelerate battery testing and verification, for both automotive and stationary use. The objective is to reduce production time and costs by 20%, as well as reducing the number of experimental tests, with a consequent reduction in material costs. The company excels in optimizing its digitalization strategy by integrating its advanced IoT platform, In.Grid, which enables more efficient integration with the virtual environment, further reducing time to market for battery manufacturers. Once the plant has been validated, Comau will also lead the industrialization path, collaborating closely with research centres, universities, sector operators and cell manufacturers.

The Fastest project distinguishes itself from current, often time-consuming and expensive experimental analysis methodologies by introducing the use of “digital twins” to accelerate the testing and integration process. This innovation allows you to replace physical implementation with data-driven models, significantly streamlining the development process. Stefania Ferrero, Chief Marketing Officer of Comau, underlines the importance of the initiative: “This pioneering initiative aims to significantly reduce the time and investments necessary for the development of batteries, cells and manufacturing processes. We confirm our commitment to innovative solutions for e-Mobility and other sectors. The success of this project will enhance the competitiveness of the European battery industry, both in the automotive sector and elsewhere.” Comau’s involvement in the design of energy transformation solutions also extends to its active role in three of the main European battery consortia: the European Battery Alliance (EBA), the Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA) and the European Technology and Innovation Platform (ETIP), which it joined at the beginning of 2021. Comau is also a partner of Upcell – European Battery Manufacturing Alliance.