Comieco at Bookcity, acting in the present to map the future

The environmental issue and in particular climate change and ecological transition are topics on the agenda and find more and more space also within the literary world. A growing trend that Comieco, the National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Cellulose-based Packaging, has chosen to promote and support, recognizing its great potential. We talked about it at ‘Ambiente: it’s time to turn the page. Environmental literature at the time of the ecological transition ‘, an event held yesterday as part of Bookcity Milan and organized by Comieco, which saw the participation of Ermete Realacci, president of the Symbola Foundation, Antonio Massarutto, finalist of the Demetra Prize, Carlo Montalbetti, general manager of Comieco, e Antonio Ricciardi, editorial director of Aboca Edizioni.

The purpose of the event was to to sensitize the public of the Milanese event on the importance of an increasing number of publications on the subject to help create and spread a new and widespread environmental awareness as well as stimulate greater awareness in people through the power of stories and fiction.

“As the global climate summit just concluded has shown, attention to the environment is now a priority that pervades every area of ​​everyday life. It is necessary that everyone, right now, chooses to align themselves with the ecological transition. We must act in the present to trace the future and in this process, the role of culture and literature is fundamental, an essential tool for creating a shared environmental awareness “, says Montalbetti.

“AND culture and information pass through reading and also in the publishing sector, environmental issues have more and more space. By consulting the catalog of an important publishing house, compared to 3 years ago, we found an increase of about 30% in publications attributable to the category of ecology and environment – he continues – The growth of interest around these issues has led us to establish the Demetra Prize , recognition aimed at rewarding the best exponents of Italian independent environmental literature. An additional opportunity to educate and make people reflect on the state and evolution of our Planet “.

Paper also plays a significant role. After all, recycling it means achieving energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions. By way of example, it is estimated that, in 2019, against approximately 4.3 million tons of recycled paper and cardboard packaging, CO2 emissions equivalent to approximately 3.6 million tons were avoided. The percentage of paper and cardboard recycling in Italy has reached and exceeded the objectives set by the EU 10 years in advance.