Coming to Real Time ‘La dottoressa smile’: who is Annapaola Manfredonia and where is her office located

‘La dottoressa smile’ is coming to Real Time, but who is Annapaola Manfredonia and where is her office located? Let’s find out all the details.

If you thought you had seen everything on Real time, you were wrong: it’s on its way Doctor Smile. Starting from 22:20 this evening and next Wednesday, a new and unmissable program dedicated to the care of the smile will be broadcast on channel 31 of your television.

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Who is Dr. Smile and where is her office located? Photo Source: Instagram

After Dr. Pimple Popper, another even more extraordinary one is on the way. We are referring to the new program that will start in a few hours on Real Time. And which, without a doubt, will be an impressive success. Set in Naples and, in particular, in Annapaola Manfredonia’s studio, the docu-reality presents stories of people who do not have a great relationship with their body because of a smile that is a little too shabby. It is for this reason, therefore, that they decide to ask for help from the queen of the smile: Annapaola Manfredonia, well-known and famous Neapolitan dentist. Waiting to see the first episode, are you curious to know something more about her? We think about it immediately.

Who is ‘La dottoressa smile’ and where is Annapaola Manfredonia’s office located

If you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Doctor Smile on Real Time and are willing to know everything about her, you are in the right place. We anticipate you, however: the information we have on Annapaola Manfredonia’s account is really minimal if not nil. What, however, we can tell you with certainty is that it works real miracles. Favorite destination of many VIPs, starting with Chiara and Angela Nasti, up to the Cannavaro brothers, Lorenzo Insigne and many others, the Neapolitan dentist offers everyone the opportunity to rediscover the desire to smile. Just think, you can really do anything in his studio. Starting from teeth whitening up to a real ortondozia treatment, the beautiful Manfredonia is truly the top of the top.

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Have our words intrigued you so much that you want to know where his studio is located? Well. From what we read from her Instagram channel, Annapaola Manfredonia has a permanent home in Naples. This is where he lives with his family and has his studio. In particular, at Viale Gramsci a few steps from the Mergellina seafront. If you are curious to know something more about her and her ‘techniques’, we advise you to put ‘follow’ on the page: dott.ssa_annapaola_manfredonia.

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Photo Source: Instagram

We are looking forward to it tonight, you?