Commander, the trailer and what to know about the film with Pierfrancesco Favino

The official trailer for the film has just been released Commanderthe film directed by Edoardo De Angelis starring Pierfrancesco Favino.
In competition at the recently concluded Venice Film Festival, the film will arrive in Italian cinemas from 31 October thanks to 01 Distribution.
After its debut as the opening film in Competition at Venice 80, the anticipation is now high: the public can’t wait to be able to watch the film in the cinema in which Favino plays Salvatore Todaro, the submarine commander of the Royal Navy during the World War II and legendary hero of the seas.
“Opening the 80th edition of the Venice Film Festival is a great honor for us for which we thank director Barbera,” declared director Edoardo De Angelis shortly before the opening of the event on the Lido. “Commander it is a film that talks about strength and Salvatore Todaro embodies its sublime form: fighting the enemy without ever forgetting his nature as a human being. Ready to defeat him but also to provide assistance to save his life as prescribed by the law of the sea. Because this is how it has always been done and always will be done.”

You can watch the trailer of Commander in the video you find at the top, at the top of this article, and at the bottom.

The plot of the film set during the Second World War

At the beginning of the Second World War Salvatore Todaro commanded the submarine Cappellini of the Royal Navy. It does it in his own way: steel-reinforced bow in case of ramming, cannon shots fired while surfacing to face the enemy and a crew armed with daggers for possible hand-to-hand combat.

In October 1940, while sailing in the Atlantic, in the dark of the night, Commander Todaro and his crew found themselves in front of a merchant ship traveling with its lights off, the Kabalo, which later turned out to be of Belgian nationality. The merchant ship suddenly opens fire on the submarine and the Italian crew. A violent battle breaks out at the end of which Todaro sinks the merchant ship with cannon fire.

At that moment the appointed Commander makes a decision that will make history: he will save the 26 Belgian castaways, otherwise condemned to drown in the middle of the ocean. He will disembark them in the nearest safe port, as required by the law of the sea. To welcome them on board he is forced to sail on the surface for three days, making himself visible to enemy forces and putting his life and that of his men at risk.

When the captain of the Kabalo, disembarking in the bay of Santa Maria of the Azores, asks him why he exposed himself to such a risk, also contravening the directives of his own command, Salvatore Todaro replies with the words that made him a legend: “Because we are Italian”. Let us never forget those words, not today or tomorrow or ever.

The cast of the film, from Pierfrancesco Favino to Massimiliano Rossi

The film can count on a chapeau cast. In addition to the aforementioned Pierfrancesco Favino, the great protagonist of the film in the role of Commander Salvatore Todaro, the cast also includes Massimiliano Rossi, Johan Heldenbergh and Silvia D’Amico.
Commander it is directed by Edoardo DeAngelis, written by Sandro Veronesi and Edoardo De Angelis.

It will arrive in Italian cinemas from 31 October thanks to 01 Distribution.

Salvatore Todaro, story of an Italian hero

The protagonist who plays Pierfrancesco Favino in the film is Salvatore Todaro, commander of an Italian submarine and a character known for his military career and his contribution to naval history.
Born on 7 July 1908 in Pozzuoli, a municipality that is part of the urban area of ​​Naples, he undertook a military career at the Naval Academy of Livorno and was trained as an officer of the Royal Italian Navy (now the Italian Navy).

During World War II, Todaro commanded the Italian submarine “Scire” (or “Scirè”), a “Brin” class submarine. He became famous for his involvement in Operation “BG3” (Bat Guano 3), a mission to infiltrate Italian submarines into British ports to conduct attacks against Allied shipping. This operation is particularly known for the sinking of the British warship “HMS York” in the port of Alexandria, Egypt in 1941.

Todaro and his submarine “Scire” continued to operate against Allied forces throughout the war. However, in 1942, the submarine “Scire” was sunk in the Mediterranean Sea during an operation in the Gulf of Sidra, with Todaro on board. Her fate and that of the crew remain a mystery, as the submarine was lost without a trace. But Salvatore Todaro is an immortal figure in the history of our country for his courage and skill as a submarine commander during the Second World War. His disappearance along with the crew of the submarine “Scire” was a tragic event in Italian naval history and helped cement his status as a legendary figure within the Italian Navy. But, as Edoardo De Angelis’ film will remind all Italians, an important “notch” in his career and in his life was precisely what is told in Commandersummed up in those four words he said, never to be forgotten: “Because we are Italians”.

You can watch the trailer of Commander in the video you find below.