Communication, ICCH presents research on corporate activism

A topic of great relevance in the contemporary business landscape, with an ever-increasing number of companies taking an active role in promoting social, political and environmental change

The presentation event of the research ‘Corporate Activism: an opportunity for social change or just a business strategy?’ will be held next Thursday at 6.30 pm at the Mediobanca headquarters in via Filodrammatici 3, in Milan. produced by the International Corporate Communication Hub ( in collaboration with Iulm University. Corporate activism has become a topic of great relevance in the contemporary corporate landscape, with more and more companies taking an active role in promoting social, political and environmental change. Phenomenon developed in response to growing public expectations towards companies and awareness of the impact they can have on society and which represents a form of social and political commitment undertaken by companies beyond traditional corporate responsibilities.

Companies that engage in this type of activism take on the responsibility of influencing public debate and adopting positions on issues of social relevance. The practice of Corporate Activism has shown that it can bring numerous advantages for companies: an active position on socially relevant issues can improve company reputation, contribute to the attraction and retention of talent and create a deeper connection with consumers. Companies that embrace Corporate Activism often enjoy a greater public trust and can benefit from a positive brand imagewhich can result in increased consumer loyalty and sales.

The event was opened by Gianni Canova, rector, Iulm University; Pierangelo Fabiano, general secretary of ICCH; Stefania Romenti, coordinator of the ICCH academic committee and professor of strategic communication and sustainability at IULM University. Speakers: Cristina Camilli, director of institutional relations, communication and sustainability Coca-Cola Italy and Albania; Daniela Fatarella, general director of Save the Children; Erika Mandraffino, Eni external communications director; Rossella Miccio, president of Emergency; Simona Panseri, director corporate communication and public affairs, Southern Europe Google; Stefano Tassone, head of group communications Mediobanca. It is possible to follow the event live at the link: