Completely different after Lives on the Limit: forget it like this, now it leaves everyone speechless

After Vite al Limite it is completely different: do you remember it like that at the time of the program? Forget it: now leave everyone speechless!

The story we are going to tell you about Lives to the Limit it is a story of pain, but also of strong rebirth. Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient chose to ask him for help when he realized that he could not move forward at this step. And, despite a path made of many ups and downs, he managed to lose a lot of weight not only in the program, but also once the spotlight was turned off.

Like today. Credits: Discovery

While it was really difficult for Seana Collins to continue losing weight as soon as she returned home after Lives on the Limit, it was not like that at all for Dr. Nowzaradan’s young patient. At the total 111 kg lost during his weight loss journey in the clinic, the former face of the docu-reality has lost even more, showing himself in great shape. Of course, we don’t know how many pounds he has lost yet, but we can’t help but notice how completely different he is today.

Do you remember him in the days of Lives on the Limit? He took part in the famous Real Time program together with his brother, he too obese and with big problems, but today forget him like this: he is a completely different person!

Vite al Limite, today is completely different: look at it, to leave you speechless

Losing weight while respecting Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet is absolutely nothing, but continuing to follow a healthy and regulated diet after the program is not at all. Of course, Melissa Morris did it and today she is really beautiful, but we know very well that she is absolutely not for everyone. The protagonist of this article, however, does not fit into this circle of patients at all. Indeed, he is among those who, once the spotlight is turned off, has worked even more to confirm the incredible results obtained in the clinic.

Many, no doubt, will have recognized it. Let’s talk about Lonnie Hambrick, protagonist of the first episode of Lives to the Limit during its eighth season. Becoming known by the audience of the program with his 278 kg, the young man said that he began to eat more and more when – after telling his family about his sexual orientation – he was the object of ridicule by his stepfather.

Determined to get back in shape, the good Lonnie followed the Nowzaradan diet in detail and managed to weigh 167 kg. How is it today? Watch it here:

lives at the completely different limit
Lonnie today. Credits: Instagram

Today Lonnie is completely different from the days of Lives on the Limit! His physical shape is now really crazy! But don’t think the surprises ended here. In addition to the line, Lonnie has found love. And we are all more than happy for him.