Computex, monitors and ROG cards among the new products from Asus

The large Taipei IT fair was the scene of several announcements in the gaming sector

On the occasion of Computex 2023 in Taipei, Asus presented new products of the ROG line designed for gamers, starting with the liquid-cooled ROG Matrix RTX 4090 graphics card, which will be available on the market starting from the third quarter of 2023. liquid metal placed directly on the GPU die, allowing temperatures to be kept even lower, a 360mm radiator with cascadable magnetic fans, a more powerful pump and a larger cold plate are added to keep the graphics card well cooled in every condition. Other new products this year include the ROG Swift OLED Monitor PG49WCD, a 49-inch super-ultrawide (5120×1440 pixels) gaming monitor featuring a QD-OLED 1800R panel with a 144Hz refresh rate and 0.03ms response. The new ROG monitor integrates a custom heat sink and a film of graphene, the world’s thinnest yet strongest nanomaterial, placed behind the entire QD-OLED panel, for better heat dissipation in order to reduce the risk of burn-in and boost peak brightness up to 1,000 nits.

Another product making its Computex debut is the ROG Swift PG38UQ, the world’s first 38-inch 4K UHD gaming monitor. With a 144Hz refresh rate and Adaptive-Sync technology, it aims for extremely smooth gaming experiences. The display is equipped with Asus Fast IPS technology, which provides a response time of 1 millisecond. It is HDR compatible with DisplayHDR 600 certification and offers a professional 98% DCI-P3 color gamut. HDMI 2.1 support enables native 4K 120Hz gaming without chroma sub-sampling, enhancing gameplay on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The monitor offers multiple connectivity options including DisplayPort 1.4 with Display Stream Compression (DSC), HDMI 2.1, a USB hub and tripod mount. It is NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible, supports AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, and incorporates 144Hz VESA AdaptiveSync technology for smooth, low-latency visuals.