Comrade Schlein against stolen photos: “I unjustly overwhelmed”

Paola Belloni on Instagram: “Communicating the emotional intimacy of a person in the press is an unjust act and is called outing”

“Communicating a person’s emotional intimacy in the press is an unjust act and is called outing. I was overwhelmed by it, but fortunately not annihilated, because I have a network of friends and family that supports me. I just wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t had this network”. So on Instagram Paola Belloni, Elly Schlein’s partnerabout the photos ‘stolen’ of the couple and published in the weekly ‘Diva e donna’.

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“In Italy we don’t have egalitarian marriage, we don’t have protection for the sons and daughters of same-parent families, we don’t have a law against homosexuality and transphobia. We are a country where thousands of ‘expatriates’, in Desiati’s words, live or leave their own provinces full of scratches and secrets – continues Belloni – Coming out is a personal choice, which also derives from an analysis of one’s social network”.

“But I realize that being the partner of a public figure has made you think you have the right to expose me to what she is exposed to. hand was remarkable. You have given memes to my friends for the next ten years. PS Having said all this, now I return to my private life which I hope will always remain the same. Even if without a skullcap. I threw it away”, he concludes.