Comunali 2022, Di Maio: “Whoever took a pick from the government has lost”

The Foreign Minister: “Both teaching result”. And he throws a jab at the 5 Stars: “The debate on the double mandate to the Italians doesn’t give a damn”

“In the elections the political forces “who” pick up the government pay, what happens is that the side effect “and that the same” disappear or their strength is greatly reduced. The results of these administrative offices are clear: those who support the government are rewarded, and I believe that this result serves as a teachingis a warning from the Italians: a government cannot be destabilized, but it is necessary to cheer for Italy and not go against it when Draghi is carrying on the battle for the ceiling on the price of gas “. Thus the minister Luigi Di Maio, head of the IPF groups, speaking with reporters.

“Where do we take sides? What is certain is that IPF does not take sides and does not give space to populismsto extremism “and in the” next few weeks we will come up with a proposal for Italy that is not the usual shopping list dropped from above “.

“M5S debate on 2 mandates? Italians don’t give a damn”

The former grillino therefore does not skimp on a 5-star jab. “Of the debate on two terms“that the M5S is shaking”Italians don’t care“, indeed:” struggling with bills “splashing” I would say that he doesn’t give a damn. I thank all those who, in the area, are joining our project. We must look ahead, not at internal debates in political forces that citizens don’t care about“The last battle at the M5S” does not concern me, I just say that Ipf will continue to support the government, while the skirmishes of other political forces weaken the government and Italy’s posture abroad “.