Comunali, Conte: “Meloni does not fight with wide fields”. Schlein does not go to Brussels

The centre-right dominated the electoral round of 28 and 29 May, between ballots and the first round in Sicily and Sardinia. The premier: “Congratulations to the mayors, we have confirmed our strength”. The leader of the M5s: “The reactionary wave of the right is confirmed. Willing to dialogue with the Democratic Party but without watering down our battles”. The dem secretary postpones mission to the EU. Calenda: “The right is in fashion and wins. No to hodgepodge with the 5-star Movement”

The municipal elections of 28 and 29 May, between ballots and the first round in Sicily and Sardinia, saw a clear affirmation of the center-right (LO SPECIALE). The next day, several political leaders are commenting on the outcome of the polls. Starting with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who says in a note: “Congratulations to all the mayors elected in this round of administrative voting. Even today, as in the first round, the center-right confirmed its strength in the polls. Voters appreciate the work of the government coalition, today’s result is a further push to continue our action, to consistently and clearly follow the program of economic, social and institutional reforms with which we have won the trust of the Italians. scenario not without critical issues, but if we remain focused on our objectives with the utmost commitment, Italy will have a long period of political stability and economic growth”.

Conte: the reactionary wave of the right is confirmed

The president of the M5s, Giuseppe Conte, in a press conference in the Chamber, speaking of the municipal authorities, said: “The result seems clear to me, in a context of low democratic participation, the restorative and reactionary wave of the right is also confirmed at a territorial level , who are good at compacting themselves for electoral competitions and then resume their constant quarrels”. Then he added: “We are willing to dialogue with the Democratic Party, with Schlein, on issues and projects, measuring ourselves against concrete answers to the needs of local communities and nationals, without compromising or watering down our battles. I am convinced that Meloni is not fighting with broad fields but with a different idea of ​​the country”. According to Conte, “we need to build political projects, it is not enough to show up for the elections, not participation together on stage for a few hours is decisive, you need a presence every day in the neighborhoods”. Finally, he closes by saying that “you don’t win because you meet for a few hours on stage. The only real possibility as regards the M5s, which historically has not had appreciable performances in the territories, is to build this project of the territorial groups, thousands of friends involved and invited to work in the territories. The second phase is to build a confrontation with the other political forces, including the Democratic Party, I have always hoped for dialogue, which cannot mean a summit meeting. The political offer must be built with planning, and it takes time to explain it “.

Pd, Schlein postpones the mission to Brussels

Meanwhile, from the dem camp, it is announced that the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein has postponed the mission scheduled for today and tomorrow in Brussels, maintaining the meeting, online, with the delegation of Pd MEPs. Francesco Boccia, dem group leader in the Senate, speaks for the party: “Let’s make an effort to make an honest analysis: Schlein took office on March 12, all the alliances were closed as were the lists. The administrative offices depend on the candidates, on the alliances , from the ability of the mayoral candidates whom I thank. The alliances were made by the previous management group. I remember that last year in June 2022 we won almost everywhere and then we lost the policies. The local elections discount multiple factors. Yesterday Schlein she took responsibility.”

Calenda: “Alternate camp? No to clashes with M5s”

Carlo Calenda, leader of Action, speaks from the Third Pole, according to whom “the right has won, it has always worked like this in Italy, first with the Five Stars, now Meloni. It is a film we know. After that, when there are reformist alliances, we do not there is the Five Stars, but here we are, you can also win, this happened in Vincenza and Brescia where we took 7%, it didn’t happen in Ancona where the candidate was very smart. more complex. The problem is that the Movement is incompatible, I have been saying this for several years, with any form of government proposal”. According to Calenda, “the right is in fashion and the right wins, the 5-star Movement was in fashion and it won the 5 Star Movement. Before, the Pd was fashionable and the Pd won. The problem is to try to find good mayors in these basic trends, which in Italy don’t hold that much”. On the subject of possible alliances he concludes: “The important thing is that the camp is not an alternative to the right. It must be a camp that has a proposal. Because otherwise being an alternative only to someone else doesn’t lead you to win. You have to convince the voters that you have I have a government proposal. We have stark differences on many things, but I told Schlein for many months that I am in favor of making a contractual minimum wage. I sent him a proposal, I hope that we can work on that. The same goes for health care, because there is no response from the opposition”. Commenting on the results of the administrative elections, the leader of Action added: “when there is a jumble with the 5 Star Movement, no to everything, people don’t vote for you”.