Concern for Camilo Sesto’s son: his state of health continues to worsen

For a few days, the son of Camilo Sesto has been causing concern among his followers due to his strange behavior on social media.

In a recent post, the 39-year-old singer asked his followers if they were okay, accompanying the question with a photo of himself. his deteriorating state of health was clearly visible. Furthermore, his mother Lourdes Ornelashas publicly expressed his concern about his son’s situation.

Recently, images of Camilo Sesto’s son in the company of maintenance workers from his garden have been released, in which he is seen wearing a black wig, which he has worn on other occasions, while talking to some people. However, in the photos you can also see that his physical appearance has worsened and he is very thin and neglected.

As revealed, the interior of his house in Madrid is an entire “Indian village”, which has generated even more concern among his followers and the media. Many have wondered about the possible causes behind the physical and emotional deterioration of the son of Camilo Sesto.

Some rumors suggest that his problems They are not related to the death of his father, but come from his childhood, when her father hosted parties at their Miami home. A source close to the family has stated that “he has had problems since he was a kid”.

As concern for the health of Camilo Sesto’s son increases, his followers have expressed their support and affection on social networks, hoping that he finds the help and support he needs to overcome his problems.

We hope that Camilo Blanes finds the help he needs to recover and that his family and fans support him in this difficult time.