Concern for the health of Helhue Sukni: The lawyer was hospitalized for lung disease

The lawyer Helhue Sukni She was hospitalized and her state of health has generated concern among her followers and in the entertainment world. And it was through her Instagram account where she told the reasons for her hospitalization: Hello my friends, how are you? I hope well, not like Aunt Helhue who is half bad“started saying.

And I add: “You may wonder why Aunt Helhue didn’t show up for many days. Indeed, I did not appear because since Saturday I began to feel bad. Why count Sunday and Monday that I already succumbed because Sunday night for Monday was atrocious, I had a fever of 39.

“I have been very ill, I put up with it, I was unconscious, I didn’t care about myself. The night from Sunday to Monday she couldn’t breathe, it was an atrocious thing. I was suffocating, I couldn’t get air, it was terrible “

What happened to Helhue Sukni?

As she herself tells in the video, it was due to a virus, which triggered a medical condition that forced her to be hospitalized.

“I got a virus or bacteria, I still don’t know, they did a scan of my lungs.” “It was a virus that got into my throat… actually through my snout, and attacked the bronchi, the lung”.

also counted “I have liquid in my lung, I have pus and I have the slut… in all my vocal cords… in my throat I was full of pus, the larynx, the pharynx, atrocious”.

“I got a virus that went through the bronchi, to the lung, then it returned through the trachea, I don’t know. My tonsils were like balls, my leukocytes were through the roof and, therefore, they are giving me intravenous antibiotics”account in the video.

“I’ve been here for five days and I have to stay here, believe it or not, until Friday.”

“I did an oral trial, I put on a shirt, I got ready; I put the computer, the folders and I was able to make my judgment perfectly well, which continues tomorrow. There is no other option but to work”.

Check out the video of Helhue Sukni on her Instagram account below:

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