Concert by Gianni Morandi for the 75th anniversary of the Senate, Meloni hums a few songs

On the occasion of the celebrations, the singer performed some of his most famous songs and the great success of Lucio Dalla. Before the medley Morandi sang the anthem of Mameli

‘Fatti mandada dalla mamma’, ‘Uno su mille’ but also ‘Caruso’ by Lucio Dalla: these are some of the songs sung by Gianni Morandi on the occasion of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Senate. In fact, the singer performed a medley of his greatest hits, some of which were also hummed by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

The concert

Before the medley Morandi sang the Mameli anthem. At the end, the president Ignazio La Russa thanked the singer calling him “an icon of Italian song” and complimented him on his “personal interpretation” of the anthem. The medley began with ‘Un mondo d’amore’: “There’s a bit of emotion, it’s my first time here”, said the singer at the end of the song, recalling that at the time of the first session of the Assembly he had three years. Then it was the turn of ‘Apri tutti le porte’, a song sung in 2022 in Sanremo, ‘Get sent by your mother’, ‘There was a boy who loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones like me’ and ‘Caruso’ by Lucio Dalla . “Our friend Lucio will be watching us and having a laugh. When I started he wasn’t singing yet, think about it”, said Morandi recalling the musician who died in 2012. During the performance, the senators attended the concert with applause and some shy clapping while others, including the Prime Minister and Defense Minister Guido Crosetto, hummed a few songs. At the end of the performance Morandi approached the benches to shake hands with the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, and the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni. A hug instead with the vice president of the Senate Maurizio Gasparri.

“They censored ‘There was a boy’, today Italy is a free country”

At the end of the performance of “There was a boy who loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones like me”, Morandi said that the song at the time “was censored. There was talk of a friendly people accused of killing the Vietnamese. There it was a parliamentary question, I believe in the Chamber, and then it was censored. It affects me that today I am here to sing it. These things no longer exist, we are in a free country”. Before the concert at 11:30 the conference ‘The Senate in the history of republican Italy’ was held in the Hall with Stefano Folli, Anna Finocchiaro, Ernesto Galli della Loggia and Giuseppe Parlato.