Concert on May 1, 2023, conductors, singers and program: what to know

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It is also approaching for 2023 the May Day Concert in Rome. Hosted as usual on the stage of Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano, the largest free live music event in Europe beats time this year to the rhythm of “Italy is a democratic republic founded on work”. The slogan chosen by CGIL, CISL and UIL pays tribute to the Italian Constitution, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of its entry into force. From 3pm to midnight, the concert event organized by iCompany, directed by Fabrizio Guttuso, will make Italy move to the rhythm of music on the occasion of Labor Day.

May Day concert, theme and conductors

An edition, the 33rd since the event took off in 1990, even more focused on work, recognized as first fundamental principle of the Italian Republic, individual right and social duty to be guaranteed. And if Rome hosts the musical event as always, the trade unions have chosen Potenza to be the backdrop for the national demonstration of CGIL, CISL and UIL during which the three trade unionists, Maurizio Landini, Luigi Sbarra and PierPaolo Bombardieri, will speak on work , rights and the Constitution. Next to Rome, Power becomes the city symbol of the difficult situation in Southern Italy and of the new season of rebirth and growth.

Attention to work, but also to the new generations with the concept Generation #1M2023 around which the artistic line of the Roman concert develops. An event increasingly attentive to transgenerational communication that music must have in order to reach all audiences, more or less young. Leading the musical event we find for the fifth time Amber Angioliniflanked by Fabrizio BiggioFiorello’s companion every morning a Long live Radio 2.

Concert on May 1st 2023, the singers in the program

Many names in Italian music are ready to take the stage in Piazza San Giovanni, starting with Leo Gassman, Iside, Savana Funk, Camilla Magli and Wepro grappling with the opening act from 2pm. Then follow Lazza, Coma Cose, Geolier, Emma, ​​Carl Brave, Tananai, Francesco Gabbani, Ariete, Mr. Rain, Piero Pelù with Alborosie, Matteo Paolillo, Righeira, Mara Sattei, Il Tre, Baustelle, Levante, Aiello, Rocco Hunt, Bnkr44, Gaia, Alfa, Giuse the Lizia, Fulminacci, Mille, Neima Ezza, Rose Villain, Wayne, Ciliari, Tropea, Napoleone, Uzi Lvke, l’Orchestraccia, Epoque, Ginevra, Serendipity, Paolo Benvegnù. To the famous names, we add i young winners of the contest 1MNext Etta, Maninni, Still Charles and the winner of the contest Road safety in music Hermes. Ligabue’s participation is still in doubt, according to the words of the artistic director Massimo Bonelli: “We have to meet him: let’s see if there is a possibility that he will exist”.

Then there is no shortage the international guestrepresented this year by the Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora: the single Cure For Me was chosen as the soundtrack of the video teaser of the concert in Rome.

Concert on May 1st 2023, where to follow the event

Like every year, the concert can be followed live through radio and television. Come on Rai 3, from 15.15 to 00.15, the appointment with the event broadcast live and also available on RaiPlay live or on demand. Official voice of the music day is Rai Radio 2, ready to offer live radio and video news on Digital Terrestrial channel 202. During the break of live TV between 7 and 8 pm, listeners of Rai Radio 2 and participants in the square can watch Ema Stokholma’s dj set.

Even this year Rai Italy takes care of broadcasting the concert on five continents for Italians abroad e Rai Public Utility guarantees full accessibility to the concert: from 3 pm on Teletext page 777 live subtitles are available, while from 8 pm it is possible to activate the audio description in streaming on Rai Play, which also allows blind people to know details of the lights , scenography and clothes present on stage. Again starting at 8pm, live broadcast is available on Rai Play with subtitles and LIS, created by the Rai studio in via Teulada, with a translation into LIS of all the songs proposed on stage.