Concluded the Tourism Forum of Manageritalia in Taranto, a contract for smart development

Mantovani: “Focusing on the strength of Destination management”

Collaboration between all stakeholders, construction of a tourism proposal that involves citizens and responds to market demands, innovation and technology. These are some of the actions suggested in the “Contract for Taranto as a smart tourist destination”, drawn up at the end of the Taranto Tourism Forum organized by Manageritalia Puglia, Calabria, Basilicata at the headquarters of the Jonico University Department.

Two days of discussion, debate, study of the great potential of the Ionian territory, but also of the numerous critical issues to be overcome. “For the redemption and tourist growth of Taranto – said Josep Ejarque, CEO of FToursim & Marketing – innovation is needed, but above all involving citizens to develop a tourism proposal that responds to the post-covid market. The possibilities are there but we no longer have to take beauty or critical issues for granted. We need everyone’s commitment having a clear idea of ​​the market and above all knowing where to go, how to go there and immediately starting to work “.

Closing the proceedings, Mario Mantovani, president of Manageritalia, summarized the cornerstones of the contract: “Specific skills are needed for tourism, quality work and training which must become winning factors thanks to effective collaboration and integration between all the players in the area. We need to focus on the strength of Destination management to support an enlarged and shared governance model. As already done in other territories, we want to contribute, also with our Tourism Community, to get started quickly, develop a true managerial management and implement, communicate and share the various stages of change “.

Focus on the 2026 Mediterranean Games

An opportunity that Taranto and Puglia look at with great attention is the XX Mediterranean Games scheduled in Taranto in 2026, but which will also involve Brindisi and Lecce. An event that will see the participation of 26 countries and has the ambition to involve Israel and Palestine as well, with a view to reconciling peoples under the banner of sports. Elio Sannicandro, director of the 2026 Mediterranean Games, focused on the prospects for the Games.

“Beyond the repercussions in terms of investments and attendance during the two weeks of competitions – he explained – the real challenge of this initiative is the legacy that the Games will leave on the territory in terms of systems and interventions in the urban fabric. The real challenge is this “. Sannicandro confirmed the construction of two large sports facilities in Taranto: the nautical / sailing center in the former Torpediniere Station of the MM, with its splendid view of the Mar Piccolo and the Olympic swimming pool that will rise, instead, on the area close to the Tower D’Ayala. “The plant – said Sannicandro – will be built close to the sea and will incorporate the remains of the ancient Magna Graecia walls of the city. It will be a pole of strong attraction “.

The second day of the Taranto Turismo Forum also saw the holding of a round table coordinated by Ettore Ruggiero of Manageritalia Puglia, Calabria, Basilicata. It was attended by the director of the museum Marta, Eva Degl’Innocenti; the president of Confcommercio Taranto Leonardo Giangrande; the president of Confindustria Taranto Salvatore Toma, Mario Turco (senator M5S), professor Antonio Felice Uricchio, president of the Scientific Committee of the Forum; Professor Francesco Saverio Massari of the Lum University and Professor Vito Roberto Santamato professor of Planning and management of tourism and cultural systems.