Confindustria, Bonomi: “Autonomy does not stop Italy’s recovery in 2023”

The leader of the industrialists underlines how Italy is doing better than its European competitors, but also how a continental dimension is essential to face the new challenges

“The data tell us that 2023 will not be so gloomy, on the contrary”, says the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi. “We are doing better than our competitors. France and Germany are lagging behind, we are gaining market shares”, and for the second half of the year “we expect declining inflation and a robust recovery in international trade”.

But for a full recovery, Bonomi warns, “two conditions are needed: that inflation does not flare up again, and that the Government does not make mistakes in industrial policy interventions. Fundamental conditions for industry to continue to govern the country”, to be recognized as a “strategic asset”.

About autonomy for Confindustria it is “the beginning of a process of reflection on a very complex issue of the country”. “I think we can make some reflections, let’s discuss seriously”, says the leader of the industrialists, who warns: “It must not be a matter of division of the country. We cannot afford it: this country cannot be divided: it has urgent problems to face “.

To respond to the USA and China, for the “real challenge, that of the competitiveness of the European industrial system”, one cannot reason “with Italy or with a regional system. For certain challenges we need at least a European dimension”.

Question and answer Grassi-Calderoli

The same position was also expressed by the vice president Vito Grassi. “Differentiated Autonomy cannot and must not become a new issue that divides the country, which penalizes the growth of the economy and the stability of public finances”, said Grassi from Venice where he gathered the articulations of the system yesterday behind closed doors representative of industrialists, for a broad discussion on all open topics and where today the Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies, Roberto Calderoli, is also expected in a public event. According to Grassi, “clear answers are needed to achieve that national convergence which, like Confindustria, we hope with all our strength”.

Roberto Calderoli’s reply is very close. “We have already started a discussion with Confindustria and intend to continue this discussion. Nobody wants to break anything: it is clear that every level of government represents a bureaucratic obstacle and with the elimination of some of these bureaucratic trappings I believe that the first to take advantage of them is the business world”, highlighted the minister.

And on the possible cost of the reform, with respect to the various hypotheses, he says: “I believe that throwing out figures that no one has ever been able to estimate is something that creates disinformation”. The minister provocatively compared this trend to “drawing lotto numbers”.