Confindustria, Bonomi’s appeal: “May it be a government of impeccable ministers”

The president of Confindustria hopes for an efficient government with ministers who “know the public machine and the dossiers well”. Of Confindustria, the leader of the industrialists underlines “the absolute autonomy from any political preference”

There is no time to lose. Carlo Bonomi expects a government as soon as possible “because the decisions to be taken are dramatically urgent” and he hopes for an executive “impeccable in the people who make it up and firm in the choices that are his part”. This is what the president of Confindustria is asking on behalf of the industrialists at the Youth Conference in Capri. “Today we look forward to the formation of a new government to discuss the urgent measures that this country needs and that will have to be taken”, says the president. ” This is the only way we practice to deal with politics and institutions, that is, to propose our vision for the development of the country, industry and work ”.

Bonomi: “The current emergency does not allow us to waste time”

“The problems in Italy are dramatically urgent and the ministers will have to know the public machinery and the dossiers well, the current emergency does not allow to waste time” declared the president of Confindustria. “A few more days and our work will start again with the new government and our complicated mission is to ensure representation that is up to the challenges we face, always carrying it out with a concentrated eye on what is the complex development, growth of the country and of cohesion, not only of our companies but of the whole of Italy ”underlines the president.

Bonomi on Confindustria: “absolute autonomy from any political preference”

For Bonomi it is also an important moment for Confindustria “to think together – he tells the audience of young entrepreneurs – on what analyzes and proposals can be transmitted to the future government and to the entire Italian society”. Of Confindustria, the leader of the industrialists underlines “the absolute autonomy of action from any political, party or government preference”. Convinced that without industry there is no Italy and always ready to criticize, even harshly, the measures that do not convince us ”concludes the entrepreneur.

Bonomi to young industrialists: don’t stop in front of the idea “this can’t be done”

Addressing the young Bonomi declares: “You must enthusiastically reject the idea that profound reforms in Italy cannot be done, that our Public Administration cannot work, that the demographic curve cannot be reversed as it was done in France”. Then he continues: “You must never stop at the idea that” this cannot be done “because it is not true. You don’t have to follow the same false paths of the past, you have to overcome all the limits of those who preceded you ”. “It’s up to you to try: believe us, you must be able to fly” concludes Carlo Bonomi.