Conflavoro Pmi: one Italian out of two will spend a thirteenth month on bills

46% of the sample identified by the association’s survey answered that, unfortunately, most of the Christmas bonus will be used to pay for electricity and gas

Over 8 billion euros. This is what the thirteenth monthly payments “sacrificed” on the altar of high bills are worth. In fact, according to a survey by Conflavoro (out of around 2,000 employees), almost one in two Italians, i.e. 46% of workers, will use the extra December paycheck to pay off electricity and gas bills. Despite the expensive bills, Christmas dinners and gifts are still recovering compared to 2021. For gifts, the traditional shop is preferred over e-commerce, favoring clothing and the many food and wine excellences that the country offers.

The signs of recovery compared to 2021 are starting to show

We also return to travel, especially within national borders and albeit sparingly. “Eight billion euros are a treasure trove of lost consumption in a very important period of the year for trade and the economy. Without the expensive bills – underlines Roberto Capobianco, national president of Conflavoro PMI – it would have been a Christmas full of recovery” But if families’ fears about energy costs for the winter remain strong, the signs of recovery compared to 2021 are still starting to show: gifts, lunches and dinners and travel, albeit timidly, are in fact returning to being among the priorities and desires of the Italians, with a growth of +4% for dinners and +9% for Christmas gifts”.

Trips out of town for 88% of Italians

Italians will buy clothing and accessories (42%), food and wine (18%), toys (14%), jewelery (7%), books (7%), smartphones, PCs, TVs and tablets (5%), vouchers gift (4%) and leisure items (3%). As far as travel is concerned, 88% of Italians who will be able to afford it thanks to the thirteenth month will go out of town or a little more. 12% will go abroad instead. Those who stay in Italy will spend more than 500 euros (72%). 25% will reserve a wallet between 200 and 500 euros, while only 3% will spend less than 200 euros. In any case, 93% will spend more than in the 2021 holiday season.