Confsal decalogue on work safety arrives

Here comes the decalogue to face the emergency of deaths at work. “Ours is a proposal that not only offers feasible solutions to the dripping of accidents in the workplace, but that is above all capable of indicating a method for transforming current critical issues into opportunities for social and economic growth”. This was stated by the general secretary of the ConfsalAngelo Raffaele Margiotta, in a note.

The “Decalogue of safety for participatory prevention”Contains a series of proposals aimed at implementing concrete and detailed solutions to face the emergency: establishment of a single national center of safety at work; occupational safety in secondary school educational programs; participation of workers on health and safety in the company through specific organization and management models and systems; strengthening the role of employee representatives; education, information and training of certified quality in the field of health and safetyrezza for workers, employers and supervisors; greater Inail support to companies on prevention, training, consultancy; enhanced preventive research made more accessible to the social partners; quality collective bargaining; fight against illegal work or irregular; permanent dialogue with the government to monitor actions and results.

The Decalogue
will be promoted through initiatives organized by Confsal and its federations that provide for a petition in the workplace to be presented to the new government and prefectures, flash mob in some Italian cities and a webinar to be held next October 28 to explain the proposals on the merits. The Decalogue will also be brought to the ‘Environment and Work Exhibition 2022’ in Bologna on November 24th.