Conou and WeSchool bring the circular economy to the classroom

Reuse of resources, fight against climate change and sustainable behavior. At first glance they might appear as abstract or far-reaching concepts, but more and more the circular economy, sustainability and good environmental practices are and must be at the center of our daily actions. How, then, to explain these important concepts to the generation of digital natives? This is one of the challenges of the Conouthe national consortium of used oils, which together with WeSchoolEdTech company leader in Italy in the innovation of teaching in schools, universities and companies, has launched the project ‘Green League – Sustainability Mission, a digital journey to discover the economy‘.

Green League – Sustainability mission is a digital ‘edutainment’ project, which combines the didactic aspect with the playful one to make you acquire an ecological awareness in a simple and fun way. The initiative, which aims to involve over a thousand students of lower secondary schools from all over Italy, develops in continuity with one of the fundamental missions of the Conou: to contribute to building in the new generations a green sensitivity and attention to the environment in which we live.

“Contributing to the ‘civic education’ of the new generations, conveying the principles of sustainability and circularity in an engaging and attractive way, is an essential objective of the Consortium – underlines Riccardo Piunti, president of the Conou. We are determined to bring young people closer to the issues of the environment and the circular economy because they will be the citizens of tomorrow and will have to face the most difficult challenges that the planet will pose to them. We do this by using the most innovative methods of communication, digital and interactive, and with the support of a reality like WeSchool which brings an experience of absolute value in the field of teaching “.

“Thanks to this collaboration with Conou, we continue to bring fundamental themes to the Italian schools for the citizens of tomorrow – he says Federica Leotta, Head of Education and Employer Branding at WeSchool. Above all, we continue to do this through our method: putting the student at the center thanks to interactive paths and participatory methodologies, where digital is combined with classroom activities led by the teacher. For this reason, we are convinced that ‘Green League – Sustainability Mission’ will be an important exercise to train young people to the challenges of sustainability and the circular economy ”.

The Conou and WeSchool project brings all aspects of the circular economy into the classroom, declining them into an experience of play and sharing. Each class has an important mission to accomplish: helping the Green League, a team of four avatars, to save the planet. How? Following from the screen of a Lim (the multimedia interactive whiteboard) a path divided into four modules. Thanks to the teacher’s guidance, students will discuss the most current issues related to ecology in a virtual journey that will transform them, from green neophytes, into sustainability ambassadors through the use of video pills and the resolution of quizzes. The children, through digital group activities, will also have the opportunity to create original social posts and an interactive multimedia map.

By overcoming the challenges of the quizzes, the classes will be able to accumulate a score thus entering an institute ranking and a more general national level. But the program does not end at school, because children will be able to continue the journey even in their free time, accepting the challenge of the games of the Green League Conou app, which can be downloaded for free from the main stores on mobile devices. The project, in collaboration with WeSchool, is part of the wider participation of the Conou in the Green Community: a ‘network of regenerators” created by the will of the Ministry of Education and made up of representatives of public administrations, cultural, scientific, research institutions, non-profit and profit organizations with the task of supporting the Administration and schools in the implementation of awareness-raising initiatives on environmental issues .