Conou, in Rossano Veneto, the Fiorese company also recycles used oil from engine filters

In Veneto, Conou collects 26,000 tons of oil every year, 15% of the national total

Well 5,300 tons of used mineral oil collected every year, coming from the machinery of the engineering and steel industry and from the engines of heavy vehicles and cars, which is recovered down to the last drop by pressing and shredding the oil filters of the vehicles. It happens at Fiorese of Rossano Venetoone of the 62 used oil collection companies located throughout Italy and which with thirty years of experience in collection represents the flagship of an activity that is strategic in Veneto, a region that with its many industries and important flows of traffic plays a significant role in the use of lubricants and in the production of used oil: the region produces 5.4 kg per inhabitant, compared to a national average of 3 kg per inhabitant.

In Veneto, the Conou (National Consortium of Used Mineral Oils) collects 26,000 tons of oil every year, 15% of the national total. “The used oil that we collect is analyzed, treated and then transported to the regeneration refineries, where it will return to new life – explains Enrico Fiorese, general manager of the Fiorese group – with current technologies, the lubricant obtained has the same characteristics as a new one “.

“Authorised private companies such as the one in Fiorese guarantee qualitative and safety standards and widespread coverage in the collection of used oils – underlined the president of Conou Riccardo Piunti – they are the first link in a chain activity that continues with the refineries of regeneration and is inspired by the values ​​of sharing between companies, technological innovation and sustainability”.

The waste oil recovery activity has positive impacts on the environment but also on the economic one, thanks to the reduction in the need for raw materials: in its 39 years of activity, Conou has collected 6.5 million tons of used lubricating oil, allowing savings of around 3 billion euros on oil imports.