Consip process, Renzi: “Too many things don’t add up in this affair”

the Leader of Italia Viva heard as a witness: “My father did not take euros from Romeo, but thousands from Fatto”

“There are too many things that don’t add up in this story. It’s a story that starts from Ischia (Cpl Concordia investigation, ed) where we had nothing to do with it and many said ‘Naples will get a torpedo for Renzi’. I don’t think so to conspiracies but too many things don’t add up in this story”. So the former prime minister Matthew Renzi heard as a witness at the Consip trial in Romewhich sees among the defendants Tiziano Renzi, father of the leader of Italia Viva.

Matteo Renzi’s hearing before the eighth criminal section of Rome, which began shortly after 3.30 pm, initially set for last week, was then postponed due to commitments abroad. The defendants in the proceeding include, among others, the entrepreneur Alfredo Romeo, the former parliamentarian Italo Bocchino, the manager Carlo Russo, the former minister Luca Lotti and the former general of the carabinieri Emanuele Saltalamacchia.

The truth is that my father didn’t take a euro from Romeo. While instead he took thousands of euros from Marco Lillo and the daily Il Fatto”, said Renzi on the sidelines of the Consip hearing.

“Today I feel guilty for not having believed in my father. In this story, I made the masterpiece of not believing my dad, putting the father-son relationship to the test on a story that politically does not exist. The real story is that of the masks, those are major contracts,” he said at the hearing.

“I had some discussions with my father – added the former prime minister, answering questions from the prosecutor Mario Palazzi – I read in a newspaper that my father would have a meeting in a secret tavern and so I call my father and raise my voice a little “But I didn’t see my father as a trafficker, and in fact the only money he took was from defamation lawsuits. Politically, Consip, but who was following it? There are too many things that don’t add up in this story”. When asked by the prosecutor who the Luca he was referring to was, Renzi explained “Luca Mirco was my father’s lawyer”.

“I have always said to my parents ‘be careful, the only way they can kill us is through the courts'”, he underlined, recalling: “I was prime minister when Marco Minniti proposed involving a group of people, including the Captain ‘Ultimo’, in the Aisi because I had a fixation: I had asked to take Messina Denaro”. “Messina Denaro was, above all 8 years ago, the boss of bosses so I said: ‘if we are able to give such a message we will make an international operation’ and I also spoke about it with the then president of the United States”, explained Renzi. “So I told Minniti that I wasn’t saying anything about taking ‘Ultimo’, but I only discover later that it had been taken not at the Aisi but at the Aise. From here a whole series of elements begin to come out that will make the story very more complex”.

“I didn’t listen to Minister Nordio’s statements because I was in the Foreign Affairs Commission. Nordio’s statements in the past make me very convinced, then let’s see what happens, we’ll see if we pass from words to deeds, as we hope”, said Renzi, arriving in Courthouse in Piazzale Clodio.