Constantine 2, Rachel Weisz talks about his possible return

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It was previously reported that Constantin 2 was in development with Keanu Reeves set to return as John Constantine, the lead from the original 2005 film. However, Akiva Goldsman is currently writing the script, while Reeves recently said the project has yet to be officially greenlit by Warner Bros., the production studio. In any case the news that Constantin 2 will be done has led to speculation that Rachel Weisz could also join the cast of the sequel.

Rachel Weisz’s role in Constantine

In the first film, the actress has a dual role, although mainly that of Angela Dodson, a detective investigating the death of her twin sister. In an interview with, Weisz noted how her dual roles have never appeared on screen simultaneously, in contrast to her new series Inseparable in which she again plays twin girls. That said, she revealed that she still hasn’t contacted anyone from the production of Constantin 2 about his potential return. “Nobody told me anything. Those twins in Constantine they never appeared on screen at the same time. I haven’t heard of it.”

Constantin 2: what do we know

With regard to Constantin 2, full plot details haven’t been revealed, though screenwriter Goldsman teased what the sequel will entail. He said the plan is to bring Keanu Reeves back to everything he went through in the first film as a character, expanding the theme of maintaining the barrier between Earth and the evil that lurks on the other side. “The character is very Keanu and the way he and Francis have seen the world of good and evil, and the wonderful authentic noir where there is a world behind the world of good and evil that coexists with our own world,” Goldsman told Deadlines. Perhaps the story is still taking shape, and it may not yet be fully decided which characters from the original might join Reeves’ John Constantine.

Rachel Weisz in the new series Dead Ringers

While waiting for a positive or negative confirmation of Rachel Weisz’s presence in the Constantine sequel, you can see the actor from April 21 on Prime Video as the protagonist of the new television adaptation Inseparableremake of a classic by David Cronenberg. A modern take on the original film following the twins who will do whatever it takes to “push the boundaries of medical ethics in an effort to challenge antiquated practices and bring women’s healthcare to the fore.”