Constantine, Keanu Reeves still wants a new movie

A new Constantine film? “I would like”. This is how Keanu Reeves answered the question posed to him by Steven Colbert, interviewed on the show of the British presenter in which he intervened to promote his new film, Matrix Resurrections, to be released in Italy on January 1, 2022.

Reeves said he’d be really happy to get back to playing the character, but he also made it clear that things aren’t that simple. Speaking of the possibility of a sequel to the 2005 film that featured him, the star of John Wick limited itself to a “I tried”, hinting that Warner Bros was not particularly sensitive to the idea.

The first Constantine

Constantine indeed it was a film released in 2005 starring Keanu Reeves as the iconic DC Comics character, a sort of demon and spirit hunter born in 1985 from the pen of Alan Moore and protagonist of the comic series Hellblazer, still in publication today.

The film – directed by Francis Lawrence and with a cast that also included Rachel Weisz, Shia LaBeouf, Tilda Swinton and Djimon Hounsou – however, it did not have the success hoped for by the production, and the idea of ​​a sequel was frozen. Over the years, there has often been talk of the possibility of a new film, but as producer Akiva Goldsman pointed out to a panel in 2020: “We have tried in various ways … But the final decision is always up to the studios.”

In the meantime, Constantine’s character is still back on the screen, albeit on the small one of television: in 2014 she was in fact made by NBC the series Constantine, starring Matt Ryan, which only lasted 13 episodes.

The possible sequel

Keanu Reeves himself pointed out as a sequel to Constantine it’s not exactly something Hollywood is pushing for despite the fact that he has been saying for years that he wants to do one. In November 2020, actor Peter Stormare, who played Lucifer, posted an Instagram post that seemed to suggest the announcement of a sequel. In fact, nothing has ever been confirmed by Warner Bros., which owns the screen rights to DC properties like Constantine.

During the 15th anniversary panel at San Diego Comic-Con that same year, producer Akiva Goldsman also discussed the numerous attempts made to continue John Constantine’s story and noted that despite the fact that the film is gone “good enough” wasn’t enough to impress the rights holders. During his interview, Reeves also promoted his comic BRZRKR, the series he conceived and wrote with BOOM! Studios, which debuted earlier this year.