Construction, Pichetto: “EU directive the result of an excessively ideological choice”

the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security: “The union should take into account the specificities of each country”

“We don’t question the carbon neutrality 2050, but the EU’s Green House Directive seems to us to be the result of an excessively ideological choice, because as a country it puts us in the position of not being able to meet the objective”. Thus the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security Gilberto Pichetto, who spoke in connection with the opening of the works of REbuild 2023, the event dedicated to the future of construction underway in Riva del Garda.

“The union should take into account the specificities of each country: in Italy we have 31 million buildings, 21 of which are in class E, F and G, and many of these cannot be renovated. To reach the envisaged objective, we do not have the conditions that the EU takes for granted and therefore we have to create them – he explained – if we want the 2/3 of buildings currently dependent on fossil energy to become 2/3 with renewable energy, we need to intervene, but we cannot fail to take into account the specific reality of the country”.

‘we need a new bonus on the 50% model’

“To respect the deadlines of the EU Housing Directive we would need more time, to think together a path, for example a new Bonus on the 50% model for building renovations but which is rational, targeted and long-lasting. We can also think of other aids such as, for example, if I have district heating, you can upgrade me to class A. In any case, the EU lacks a country-by-country check: Finland has very different construction methods and climatic contexts and even in Italy itself we cannot have the same criteria for Trento or Mazara del Vallo,” explained Pichetto.

“It must also be said that the assessment of the redevelopment must be done on the complex of buildings, we cannot do it on individuals, otherwise we devalue the assets; the EU should open up the possibility of a series of actions to be calibrated over the time of these 27 years”, concluded Pichetto.