Construction, Salvini: “Small irregularities? It is wise to go and fix everything”

“I think it’s an argument that we need to courageously follow through to the end.” The reactions were immediate

“Are there budgetary problems? Are there a few hundred thousand small architectural, building and urban planning irregularities that are clogging up the technical offices of the municipalities? Yes. Wouldn’t it be wiser for the small ones to go and remedy everything, the State collects and citizens return to the full availability of their own good? I think it is an argument that we must courageously follow through to the end.” Thus the deputy prime minister and minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteo Salvini, closing his speech at the 33rd edition of the Confbuilding conference in Piacenza.

The reactions

The reactions are not long in coming. “And so Matteo Salvini goes to the Confedilizia conference and throws out yet another idea of ​​a building amnesty. In order not to better quantify architectural, building and urban planning irregularities – states the president of the senators of the Democratic Party, Francesco Boccia – Another wink to the clever people of a desperate government that doesn’t know where to find resources for the maneuver and therefore wants to raise cash through a further amnesty, after the tax ones. We would like to know if Giorgia Meloni and Minister Giorgetti agree with the ‘condonist’ line of their Northern League Transport Minister”.

According to the co-spokesperson of Green Europe and deputy of the Greens and Left Alliance, Angelo Bonelli“Salvini’s proposal today is criminogenic because, as has always happened when building amnesties have been announced, it will cause a strong resurgence in illegal building. Whoever proposes to remedy building crimes, and does so as vice-premier, favors illegality in damage to the environment, soil protection and public safety. With the 3 building amnesties, 2 of the Berlusconi governments, Italy is the only country in Europe that approves building amnesty laws. In fact, explain what a building amnesty is in Germany and other European countries are a complicated mission.”

“A government that does not love homeowners tries to recover with the amnesty – the senator from Italia Viva declares in a note Silvia Fregolent – Evidently Salvini has a short memory about how much damage the building amnesties have done in Italy, also in terms of human lives, and after the one approved with the yellow-green government he is now trying again”.