Construction, sweeping checks throughout Italy

Irregular 80% yards

Extraordinary operation to protect the health and safety of workers and to combat undeclared work in the construction sector that launched yesterday, as part of the “110 in safety 2023” supervision, promoted and coordinated by the National Labor Inspectorate conducted throughout Italy , with the sole exclusion of the provinces of Trento and Bolzano and the region of Sicily according to their special autonomy. The forces in the field are huge: 541 labor inspectors and 177 technicians, 634 soldiers, of which 350 from the command for the protection of work; and inspection staff of Local Health Authority, Inail and Inps. The checks revealed that over 80% of the 334 construction sites inspected resulted irregular with a preventive seizure already validated; 166 measures were adopted to suspend business activities, of which 110 for serious safety violations and 56 for undeclared work. The total amount of the administrative sanctions and fines already imposed is equal to Euro 3,038,828. This is what is reported in a note from the Ministry of Labour.

The audit as a whole involved 723 companies and 1795 job positions. In particular, the investigations recorded: 433 irregular companies; 349 irregular job positions; 116 so-called “black” workers, including 29 non-EU workers, including 17 without a residence permit; 568 prescriptions for safety violations; 166 suspension of business activities; 289 people referred to the AG in a state of freedom for violations of Legislative Decree no. 81/08.