Consultations, the ‘Tajani case’ breaks out

Berlusconi posts photos at Villa Grande with Ronzulli-Cattaneo but there is no blue number two who reaches them directly at the Colle

Before the center-right consultations at the Colle the Tajani case ‘breaks out’. To give the signal: a photo posted by Silvio Berlusconi on social networks that portrays him smiling at Villa Grande with the new Forza Italia group leaders, Licia Ronzulli and Alessandro Cattaneo, but without Antonio Tajani (given pole to foreigners in the Meloni government), which he will reach the Cav directly to the Quirinale. The former prime minister and the blue number two, therefore, arrive ‘separated’ at the meeting with Sergio Mattarella, giving a plastic image of ‘distance’.

By return of post, while the Forces delegation is in the Lille Tapestry salon, Berlusconi posted another photo on social media, this time together with Tajani, ‘taken’ inside the Quirinale: the president of Fi, in a blue double-breasted style ’94 and tricolor pin on the lapel of his jacket, he is sitting on an armchair, standing behind him are, smiling, Tajani (in dark blue), Ronzulli (in light blue suit with large lapels, ‘crossed’ with black insert) and Cattaneo (jacket and trousers in sugar paper). A photo, the latter, released by the Cav as if to deny internal clutches in Fi, demonstrating that his team is compact.

Berlusconi takes advantage of this to launch a soothing and reassuring message: ” The official FI delegation to the Quirinale for consultations with the President of the Republic. We will make a decisive contribution to giving birth to the center-right government. “Immediately afterwards Berlusconi joined the large delegation of the center-right (12 in all between leaders and group leaders) to speak with the head of state, Sergio Mattarella in the Tapestry room in Lille. At the end of the lightning consultations, which lasted just over ten minutes, the leaders of the coalition chatted in a cordial atmosphere in the courtyard of honor.