Consumer loans, boom for holidays and weddings, but rates are rising

A survey by and on the first 6 months of the year highlights the desire for holidays of Italians: compared to 2021, loans for summer travel have almost doubled. And they also grow a lot for honeymoons. Watch the video

On Sky Tg24 Business focus on consumer loans: the average amount requested for this type of loan is over 11 thousand euros, up by almost 4% compared to the first half of 2021, highlights a survey presented by Yuri Griggio by In terms of the purposes of these requests, the request for money for travel and holidays is highlighted, which marks an exploit of + 96%. The most popular purpose remains that of liquidity (to have more cash ready to spend), about one third of requests; then to buy used cars (17%), to consolidate other debts already incurred (15%) and to renovate houses and properties (12%). The cost of these loans increased due to inflation, especially in the second half of the half year.

In the episode of 2 August (see it again here) there is also space for the tensions on the Asian markets for the visit of Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the US Chamber, to Taiwan, with Roberto Rossignoli by Moneyfarm.