Consumers: defamed Codacons, convicted Rosario Trefiletti (ex Federconsumatori)

He will have to pay a fine and compensate Codacons with a total of 5,500 euros

Trefiletti Rosaryhistoric president of Federconsumatori, was convicted of defamation against Codacons and will have to compensate the association with a total of 5,545 euros. This was decided by the Criminal Court of Rome, which issued a sentence ordering Trefiletti to pay a fine and compensation in favor of Codacons, in addition to the payment of legal costs. The Codacons communicates it. At the center of the story a series of tweets published in 2015 by Rosario Trefiletti through his personal Twitter account, in which the former representative of Federconsumatori defined the Codacons ‘Clonacons’, accusing him of ‘cloning’ the press releases of his association.

“Volkswagen case, Clonacons is back, we thought it was in the USA. Better, so when he clones he avoids saying stupid things and deluding the unfortunate”, wrote Trefiletti for example on 27 September 2015. Or again, on 6 October 2015: “As soon as the Christmas and Trismo consumption data processed by federconsumatori, Clonacons has thrown itself into fish: as usual. Poor people”. Now the judge of the Court of Rome, Alida Bracone, “acknowledged those tweets as blatantly defamatorydenying the imaginative theses of Trefiletti and condemning him “ìto a fine of 400 euros, in addition to the payment of the legal costs and compensation for damages in favor of the civil party set up by Codacons to be paid separately, granting a provisional amount of 1,500 euros, as well as the reimbursement of the expenses incurred by the same civil party, which settles for a total of 3,645 euros”, the association informs.

“At each issue of Codacons in national newspapers, and suffering from the association’s massive presence in the mass media, he indulged in delusional and unjustified defamatory comments towards Codacons itself, accused of ‘cloning’ Federconsumatori and of initiating harmful lawsuits and class actions for citizens”, explains Codacons to Adnkronos. “The Tribunal has now recognized these tweets as patently defamatory, disproving Trefiletti’s fanciful theories.”