Conte (Anci Veneto): “Differentiated autonomy, opportunities for everyone, I don’t understand the mayors of the South”

Mario Conte, mayor of Treviso and president of Anci Veneto, argues with the mayors of Southern Italy Recovery Sud who have asked for a stop to the decree and called a sit-it against differentiated autonomy. “The autonomy envisaged by our Constitution – Conte declared – is a great opportunity for everyone. I don’t understand the sit-ins and the controversies of fellow mayors from the South who, on the contrary, have the opportunity to demonstrate that they are the bearers of virtuous policies, in contrast with national statistics”.

“The citizens of Veneto – adds Conte – participated en masse in a referendum and asked for autonomy. The same goes for the other Regions that have taken an interest in the process. We Venetian administrators have the responsibility to pursue the mandate of the citizens and I also serenely invite the other mayors to think of autonomy as a better and beneficial assumption of responsibility. If many regions of the South are in difficulty, it is certainly not because of autonomy, but precisely because the “comfort zone” to which too many have become accustomed has produced historical situations of decline and backwardness. On the part of the Veneto there is no “leap forward”: we have been dealing with the issue for more than a decade and we are perfectly aware that we are dealing with constitutional arrangements, so much so that the Constitution itself regulates differentiated autonomy. We just have to apply it”.

“After the establishment of the technical table for the Lep – concludes the mayor of Treviso – I think it is right to close the game in the general interest of the regions of the North, of the South and also of the Center and of the Islands. This is a historic step for the our country to improve the organization of the state and give citizens efficient administrations and the services of a modern state. I am convinced that autonomy will reduce the gaps and give a great role to metropolitan cities and municipalities. Administrators are faced with a great challenge; they accept it and we trace a shared path”.