Conte: “Comparison with Renzi? I don’t participate in antics”

The M5S leader: “Rai appointments? I don’t reply to leader Iv, I don’t put myself in exhibitionism”

No comparison with Matteo Renzi – because “I do not make shows and antics” – while on the appointments Rai does not reply to the leader of Italia Viva because “I do not want to slip into personalistic exhibitionisms that do not interest us. The reform made by the Renzi government has failed, because it has the powers are concentrated even more in the hands of the CEO “. So the president of the M5S Giuseppe Conte, guest tonight of “Piazzapulita” on La7, after the statements of the leader of Italia Viva, who yesterday said: “The grill position on Rai shows that there is no need for secret plans to destroy the Cinque Stelle: just let it Giuseppe Conte. He does everything by himself. A year ago he sent tissue papers and images to Tg1, today he announces that they will no longer be on TV. It was nice, thanks for everything “.

“I asked for an explanation, why no one has explained to 11 million voters how things stand. Even now – continued Conte – I cannot understand what was the criterion applied for the appointments, if not to grasp the requests of all the political forces, including the opposition, with the exception of the relative majority party “.

And on a possible confrontation with the leader IV, Conte replies: “In your opinion, make a comparison to address certain issues, on the 13 points, which are all well articulated and which concern open judicial matters … I wish Senator Renzi to come out unscathed from all investigations.The problem is that we we cannot allow a politician who, with his flamboyant and bold behavior, who is always on TV from morning to night, to degrade public ethics. I don’t do shows, I don’t make antics“, he says again.

“Did you see Renzi’s broadcast from Lilli Gruber? Was there a response from Renzi about the contents? But what should we do, a chicken coop in front of the citizens? Citizens – continues Cinquestelle – are serious people, they can have fun for a few minutes but this is not the policy I want to achieve with the M5S “.