Conte: “Di Maio don’t try to wear me out, he’s damaging the M5S”

“No one in the Movement should feel indispensable, not even me” the president of the 5 Stars said in an interview. And he denies secret negotiations with Salvini on the Quirinale: “Dialogue does not mean subterfuge or unconfessable agreements”

“No one in the Movement should feel indispensable, not even me”. To say this, in an interview with ‘La Stampa’, the president of M5s Giuseppe Conte. And on the tensions with Di Maio, he clarifies: “There will be moments of discussion where we can what happened also in order to prevent these mistakes from happening again. Nor can we tolerate wars of internal attrition for the future. “

Conte: “No to the currents”

Conte also strongly reiterates the no to currents: “The strength of the Movement has always been that of not yielding to the currentism of the old politics”, but “I certainly cannot allow that while before we went to the streets to wage civil and political battles, today go to the streets to reveal currents. That move has created pain and discontent in our community. This is also why I considered Di Maio’s resignation from the guarantee committee as a duty. “

Conte: “Government priority, dear bills and health care”

The former premier then returns to deny secret agreements with Salvini on the Quirinale: “There was a lot of fantasizing – he says – about this dialogue I had with the center-right and Salvini in particular also on behalf of the Democratic Party and Leu. But dialogue is not it means subterfuges or unconfessable agreements “. As for government action, among the priorities Conte emphasizes “the expensive bills” and health care with “the one million interventions and postponed operations” for Covid and from Prime Minister Draghi asks for “courageous responses to ensure a stable restart and support a robust recovery “. Finally, to a question about the electoral law, the leader of the M5S replies: “I believe that a proportional law is the most effective tool for interpreting the political phase we are experiencing: it will allow political forces to dialogue with each other or differentiate themselves by presenting a political offer. clearer and more linear to their constituents “.