Conte: “Maneuver convinces me, Draghi has kept his commitment on rdc” – Video

The interview with the president of the M5S: from the Maneuver to the Quirinale, from Berlusconi to Draghi

”This maneuver as a whole it convinces me … ”. The president of M5S, Giuseppe Conte, is expressed thus in the interview with Adnkronos Live. As for the Basic income, “Draghi has kept his commitment” acknowledged the former prime minister, adding that “the intervention of the government was positive”. This instrument ” cannot be canceled due to ideological prejudices ”.

” The Five Star Movement has always been at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic ”, he says again, answering a question about the management of thecovid emergency.

Speaking about the 5 Star Movement, ” I’ll give you some news: tomorrow morning at 11 there will be the first meeting of the vice presidents and all the M5S committees. Let’s start working right away. “Would you personally keep the two-mandate rule?” Now I don’t express myself, because soon I will say what I think, but first I want to listen to all the components of the Movement ”.

Giuseppe Conte at Adnkronos Live, the full interview (Video)

Chapter election President of the Republic: ” I do not exclude ” a “passage on the network, online” with M5S members for the choice of candidate for the Colle, says the former prime minister. ”Respect Berlusconi, but he will not be our candidate ” at the Quirinale, ” we will not vote for him ”, he assures, referring to the leader of Forza Italia. It is not true that I often hear Berlusconi. I can hardly remember it, the last time we spoke was 6 months ago … ”. ” I have never demonized him in the past, I have always thought that the conflict of interest has harmed him … ”, he says again speaking of the Knight.

The name of the Prime Minister Mario Draghi is associated with the Quirinale. ” You the premier Dragons he moves it everywhere … First from Palazzo Chigi al Colle, now in Europe … Draghi certainly has prestige “, but he cannot carry out several tasks at the same time.” He was called, not by me, but he was called to perform a task of great importance ” such as the implementation of the NRP. “Now, there are also some very important appointments on Europe and its future. These are very demanding tasks, Draghi does not continually move it to me … ”, continues Conte.

Conte declined the proposal to stand as a candidate for the Chamber in the supplementary scheduled for Rome. ‘I would be very honored to enter Parliament but with a government program and at the end of an electoral outcome,’ ‘he says.

Speaking then of the text on the end of life: “These are delicate issues, let’s think about them calmly, without prejudices ”.

Among the news of the day, the investigation of the Prosecutor of Foggia on corporal which led to arrests but also to the resignation of the head of the immigration department of the Interior Ministry: “ I see that the right-wing forces never lack an opportunity to punctually and repeatedly attack Minister Lamorgese, who has the great merit – evidently the demerit for others – to be a professional who knows the machine of the Interior Ministry well and who is committed with great dedication “.

“In this case I don’t know the details of the investigation but I understand that here there would be a transitive property that would start from an investigation in Foggia and would go directly to the Minister of the Interior … I don’t know through which ways try to build a responsibility of the minister, it seems to me beyond any logic, as well as political, of any logic … We do not build these spurious attacks ”, he says. “If there is to report to Parliament on this investigation, yes face, it is a must, but we do not build controversies and spurious attacks ”, he adds immediately after.