Conte: “Renzi is a champion of political-business contamination”

The M5S leader: “He attacks me on a Russian mission but he did business with oligarchs.” On the European elections: “I won’t be on those lists, other leaders should do the same.” Back and forth with Calenda on ex Ilva

Politics must regain its full dignity and separate itself from business, we must break this bond. Detractors accuse us of being justicialists, a charge we reject. We are guarantors: we are the guarantors of our Constitution, we are guarantors of the principles of our democratic system. The entire Constitution requires us to keep the prestige and honor of the institutions high”. Thus, in a press conference, the leader of the M5S, Giuseppe Conte, illustrated the proposals of the 5 Star Movement regarding the regulation of lobbies and conflicts of interest.

“I don’t like talking about individual cases, but Senator Renzi is a particularly astute person, a perfect champion of the contamination between politics and business. He is the most skilled in capitalizing on this state of affairs which discredits the institutions and in integrating the coffers of his personal and family budget”, says Conte.

“Only a few idiots believed that it was all the result of some conference… I was surprised by the fact that already as prime minister, through his associate Carrai, he was carrying out this type of activity”, continues the former prime minister, referring to the investigation by Daily fact on the leader of Italia Viva. “Renzi challenges me to a discussion on TV? But I would like to have a discussion in Parliament on the rules to be put in place to prevent this malfeasance… What should I talk about with Renzi, about business?”, remarks the leader of the M5S, who insists : “Renzi attacks me on the Russian mission” during Covid “when we discover that he did business with Russian oligarchs”.

Abuse of office

“What is happening in the Senate worries us – says Conte – it is a sign of strong regression and restoration. In this whole context the majority abolishes abuse of office and scales back the rule on influence trafficking”. And the issue of abuse of office”is creating rifts in the Democratic Party“, observes the leader of the M5S speaking at the press conference. The majority “is abolishing, for example, cases in which there has been a rigged university competition… With the help of a part of the fake opposition, it is making 3,600 sentences go up in smoke with a final sentence”, denounces the former prime minister.

“Let’s not play on these things, the objective cannot be restoration. Politicians – Conte insists – must not have the weakness to carve out rules of privilege for themselves to pay for these things. The political class will pay a serious price. We want to prevent the images of politicians taken for pennies”.


Conte then reiterates his unavailability to run for the European elections and invites other political leaders not to take the field. “I won’t be on those lists and I hope that the other leaders won’t be on those lists either“, says the M5S leader.

“We cannot continue to deceive the citizens. You cannot say to the citizens: give me the vote, find Conte on all the lists when you already know that you will not go to the European Parliament. I am a member of parliament, president of the 5 Star Movement, that of a European parliamentarian is a task that I cannot perform. The other leaders – insists the former prime minister – should have the foresight to do the same, politics should learn once and for all not to make fun of the citizens”.


Speaking about the situation in the Middle East, Conte says: “We cannot witness this daily carnage, which has actually caused the number of Palestinian civilian victims, mainly women and children, to rise to well over 20 thousand. The Italian State is absolutely ignorant on this front “.

“Two peoples and two States also means recognizing the State of Palestine, however, and I say this as a jurist, for there to be recognition of a State, a state organization is needed and at the moment there is an objective difficulty”, observes the former premier. “At this moment we can discuss anything but we cannot pretend nothing has happened. Netanyahu’s Israeli government must be firmly condemned and all the states of the European Union – underlines Conte – must act to tell the Israeli prime minister that this is unacceptable “.

Former Ilva

Then the former Ilva. On the topic “many people speak, Calenda speaks. But in his place I would be careful to speak: before asking others to account, he should explain how he set up this race in 2016”, states the leader of the M5S. “Minister Urso says that we lacked something? Simply tell us what happened next. They kicked us out in February 2021, we no longer had the support of the majority, another prime minister came – the one who is never named and who is called Draghi – and then another prime minister, the ‘desaparecida’ Giorgia Meloni…”, says Conte.

He arrives at this point very quickly Calenda’s reply. “I willingly respond to Giuseppe Conte on Ilva. The tender was governed by the procedures established by the European Commission, steel being a sector where state aid is not permitted. It had multiple parameters with different weights on the outcome. The price that was used to reimburse the State and suppliers; the environmental plan; the industrial and employment investment plan; financial solidity. Mittal won – the leader of Action writes on social media – Now I ask Conte a couple of things: given that your Government formalized the agreement following the outcome of that tender, how on earth is it possible that you don’t know its contents? And again, why after confirming the criminal shield did you cancel it, thus blowing up the agreement? And again, why have you no longer done to Mittal ‘the mother of all causes’ and instead you created a minority company with them, with shareholder agreements still unknown? Giuseppe, I await your response with anxiety and great expectations. And always happy for a good TV discussion on this and other topics”.