Conte’s outburst, attack on Tottenham and the players – Video

The Italian coach shoots zero against the club and the team

Tottenham flops and Antonio Conte explodes. Spurs won’t go beyond a 3-3 draw in the Premier League, rebuilding a two-goal lead at Southampton in the last 15 minutes and are now in danger of slipping out of the Champions League zone. The 3-3 final brings the signature for the Spurs of Porro, Kane and Perisic while for the Saints Adams, Walcott and Ward-Prowse scored on penalties.

At the end of the match, Conte shoots zero against the “selfish” players and doesn’t even spare the club. “The club can change the coach but the situation doesn’t change. The players don’t want to help each other. They’re not used to playing for something important here. They don’t want to play under pressure, so it’s easy… The story of Tottenham is this: this owner has been there for 20 years and the team has never won anything. Why?”, continued the coach. “The fault lies only with the club or with any coach who has arrived here. I have seen which coaches Tottenham have had on the bench,” he says, thinking back to Pochettino and Mourinho, just to mention the last few years. “I tried to hide the situation, but now it’s no longer possible. What I saw today is unacceptable, even for the fans.” “Society pays us a lot of money to show attachment, a sense of responsibility. What happened today is not acceptable,” he says.