#ConTodasLasCanas: Las Rosas Foundation sets a trend at Lollapalooza 2023

The The Roses Foundation is back in the Festival Lollapalooza 2023 with a unique experience to connect young people with the elderly through music. With its #ConTodasLasCanas initiative, the solidarity institution seeks to strengthen intergenerational solidarity and offer attendees the ideal look to enjoy their favorite artists.

Still don’t know what hairstyle and makeup to wear at the festival?

The Las Rosas Foundation has the answer. With its studio look or salon stand, attendees will be able to change their look for a vintage style with colored extensions, a lock of gray hair or with the latest makeup trends. All this will be in the hands of professional stylists and make-up artists who will be available during the three days of the festival.

Connecting generations through music and fashion

The Las Rosas Foundation initiative seeks to establish bridges between young people and the elderly through music and fashion. During the lollapalooza 2023, the solidarity institution hopes to strengthen intergenerational solidarity and offer young people the opportunity to learn about its work.

Our initiative seeks to strengthen intergenerational solidarity, that is, that the youngest value and support the most vulnerable elderly people in the country. But for that, we first need them to get to know us, to know what we do and for us to connect with them, which is why this music festival is a great opportunity”.

Alejandra Ramos.

“For the third year we have decided to participate in an entertaining way, uniting music and fashion, two elements that transcend generations,” he says. Alejandra RamosMarketing Manager of The Roses Foundation.

In addition to offering the ideal look to enjoy the festival, the Las Rosas Foundation has a surprise for attendees who share their look on social networks with the hashtag #WithTodasLasCanas. Those who do so will be able to participate for a daily giftcard of $50,000 pesos to be used in Salón Bob Studio and there will be raffles for Yeppo brand makeup products.

A solidarity contribution for those who need it most

In parallel to this initiative, the Las Rosas Foundation continues with its “SOAP + Bueno” campaign, where the proceeds from the purchase of SOAP 2023 through the Foundation go directly to the benefit of residents in food, medical care and comprehensive care. When contracting the Mandatory Personal Accident Insurance at fundacionlasrosas.cl, people can make a solidarity contribution from $2,500, which is symbolically equivalent to a lunch for a resident.

How to participate in these activities?

sign up for lasrosas.cl and secure your place at the Foundation stand.