Contrada: “There is no sum that can compensate for my suffering”

Interview with the former manager of Mobile di Palermo after the decision of the Court of Appeal

(by Elvira Terranova) – “There is no sum that can repair and remedy or compensate for the harm that has been done to me. For the 30 years of suffering that I have suffered”. To speak in an interview with Adnkronos is Bruno Contrada, the former manager of Sisde and former head of the Palermo flying squad who thus comments on the decision of the Palermo Court of Appeal to accept the request for reparation for unjust detention. The Court of Appeal of Palermo, first section, chaired by Adriana Piras, reversing the decision previously taken by the Court of Appeal, second section of Palermo, ruling following the postponement of the Supreme Court, accepted the request for reparation for unjust detention formulated by Bruno Contrada, however, reducing the amount of compensation to 285,342 euros. “For each day of deprivation of liberty the State gives me 97.70 cents, I have done 2,920 days, that is eight years, of deprivation of my liberty because they have forgiven me two years of good behaviour”. “Given that there is no sum sufficient to restore and compensate for the damage that has been caused to me in more than 30 years of unjustly suffered suffering – continues Contrada, now in his nineties forced to live on a respirator – unless a government intends to make a new Given this, the State, and in this specific case, the judiciary, believes that every day of my deprivation of liberty can be repaid with the sum of 97 euros and 70 cents, for 2,920 days of deprivation of liberty, corresponding to 96 months…”. And he concludes: “Intelligenti pauca… I won’t add anything else”.

On June 25, the Court of Cassation, accepting the appeal of the lawyer Stefano Giordano, annulled with postponement the order with which the Court of Appeal of Palermo had rejected the request for reparation for unjust detention formulated in the interest of Bruno Contrada ”for the sentence suffered as a result of the sentence declared unenforceable and unproductive of criminal effects by the Cassation of 2017”. In January 2021, the Cassation canceled with postponement the compensation order of the Palermo Court of Appeal which had awarded the ex 007 compensation for unjust detention, quantifying it at 667,000 euros. Therefore, after the no of the appeal judges, last December 15 the question was addressed again by the appeal judges, who re-evaluated the appeal presented by the lawyer Giordano.

After the first rejection, the lawyer contested the violation ”twice of the judgment of the European Court, on which the internal judge has no margin of discretion. In December there were moments of tension in the courtroom, during the hearing for the request for compensation for unjust detention of Bruno Contrada. At the end of the speech by the deputy attorney general Carlo Marzella, who had retraced the salient moments of his judicial story by reading excerpts from the sentence, Contrada had stood up, not without difficulty as he suffered from serious walking problems, showing his criminal record.

And addressing the prosecutor Marzella directly, Contrada exclaimed: ”Here is my criminal record: It’s null! I was acquitted. I have a clean record as shown by the certificate. She understood? You accuse me of things that are not true”. At that point the President of the court Adriana Piras intervened, saying: ”You cannot get face to face with the prosecutor, you can make all your statements, but you are absolutely not allowed to put yourself in direct dialogue with the Attorney General”. And Contrada in return: ” I cannot admit that things are said that are not true”. Tempers had then calmed down, Contrada, joined by his son Guido – who is legal – sat down again and the hearing resumed with the intervention of Contrada’s lawyer, Stefano Giordano. Today the decision of the Court of Appeal.