Control your breathing before seeing Lagertha from “Vikings” open her jacket to show off her beauty

Katheryn Winnick has generated quite a stir on social media due to her dazzling beauty. This Canadian actress and director, recognized mainly for her interpretation of Lagertha in the series “Vikings”, exhibited her extraordinary beauty in instagram with his jacket open.

Although she was born in Canada, it is important to note that Katheryn Winnick has Ukrainian roots, which fit perfectly with her natural features to bring her character to life in “Vikings“. This historical drama series, created and written by Michael Hirst for the History channel, was filmed in Ireland and is inspired by the sagas of the Viking Ragnar Lodbrok, one of the most well-known and feared Norse heroes for his impact on England and France. .

In 2013, Katheryn Winnick joined the cast of “Vikings” in the lead role of Lagertha, a legendary figure in Viking history. Lagertha was the first wife of the main character, Ragnar Lodbrok, and was noted for her bravery, combat skills, and war tactics.

Without a doubt, Katheryn Winnick He was the perfect choice for the role, as he began training in martial arts at a young age, earning his first black belt at age thirteen. Additionally, he is a black belt in taekwondo, black belt in karate, and a licensed bodyguard. Her knowledge of martial arts led her to train other actors and actresses, which opened the doors of the film industry for her.

Source: Instagram Katheryn Winnick

In addition to his iconic role in “Vikings“, Katheryn Winnick He has appeared in numerous films, including “Failure to Launch,” “Amusement,” “Love & Other Drugs” and “Killers.” The actress is not only extraordinarily talented, but also strikingly beautiful, as she demonstrated in her recent post on instagram. In this photo, the star of “Vikings“He posed with his jacket open, conquering all his followers with his charm.

Source: Instagram Katheryn Winnick