Control your heartbeat before seeing how Xena looks today from “Xena: Warrior Princess”, almost 30 years after its premiere

A television production that has left an iconic mark over more than two decades is “Xena: Warrior Princess.” This series is an essential what to see for any enthusiast of the geek culture of the 90s. The outstanding performance and the presence of Lucy Lawless as the warrior Xena are unforgettable. Not only her beauty, but also her talent in intense action scenes, contributed to making her memorable.

Lucy Lawless, the series’ lead, received acclaim throughout the ’90s for her performance in “Xena: Warrior Princess“. His role required exceptional physical preparation due to the numerous action scenes present in the plot. If you have not yet explored the history of this series, we recommend adding it to your list of “what to see“. It is a classic that deserves attention, since in its time it was one of the most striking and successful productions.

Despite the fact that more than three decades have passed since his outstanding role in “Xena: Warrior Princess“, Lucy Lawless He has maintained his presence in the world of entertainment. While his image has evolved and no longer resembles the iconic Xena figure, Lawless She is still active in the entertainment industry. Currently, she participates in dubbing and other projects, although in not so leading roles.

On social networks and in real life, the image of Lucy Lawless is markedly different from that of “Xena: Warrior Princess“. With her short hair and a lighter shade, accompanied by elegant glasses, Lawless She presents herself as an influential activist for the rights of the LGBT community. Although she no longer embodies the iconic character of the 90s that millions of young people were looking forward to among the options what to see On cable TV, she is fondly remembered by her fans as her role left a mark on an entire generation.

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From action figures to countless screen reproductions, “Xena: Warrior Princess” generated a phenomenal impact from its premiere. The series captured a large audience due to its intriguing plot and the often risky and courageous performances of the athletic and beautiful Lucy Lawless. Her versatility as an actress made her an icon on screen, leaving a lasting mark on this beloved ’90s fiction.

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