Coolio voiced his character in Futurama before dying

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It is too early to know if Artis Leon Ivey Jr, known to most as Coolio, left enough material for a posthumous record. We don’t even know if she has already achieved that Gangsta’s Paradise he spoke of in the passage that made him immortal. What is certain is that we may soon hear his voice in the revival of the series Futurama. A way to celebrate an artist to the last capable of mixing his talent for the word with a great irony.

Coolio was also Kwanzaabot

The character voiced several times by Coolio in the cartoon set in the future was at least as irreverent as he was. As the name suggests, Kwanzaabot was the robot patron saint of the annual celebration of African American culture (the Kwanzaa in fact) and appeared in some episodes as a sort of counterpart to the terrible Santa Claus of the Matt Groening series. The character was not a permanent presence in the cast of the show but remained in the lead, especially for his strenuous commitment to make children remember a party that he too had “partly forgotten the meaning”. According to the manufacturer of Futurama David X. Cohen, Kwanzaabot was ready to return in the next revival of the series and Coolio had already completed his voice acting job before he died.

An episode dedicated to him

During the recording of his part, the rapper who died prematurely at the age of 59, however, would not have limited himself to reading the lines. With the verve of him he would in fact have taken advantage of the opportunity to improvise a new piece there on the spot, giving a show in freestyle. An anecdote that makes us understand how much Coolio was involved in the project and wanted to give him his contribution. A positive attitude recalled by Cohen himself, who told a TMZ: “Coolio was one of my favorite guest stars. She was always very enthusiastic and really loved coming to record the dialogue of her lei Kwanzaabot ”. Futurama will honor the rapper’s memory by dedicating him the last episode in which he lends his voice to his character. Coolio has left this land but will always remain his soul in his songs and, why not, also in his work as a voice actor for a desecrating cartoon.