Coop Lombardia alongside PizzAut for the new opening in Monza

Coop Lombardia confirms its support for PizzAut and, after contributing to the opening of the first pizzeria in Cassina de Pecchi, donates 60 thousand euros which will be used to support the second PizzAut pizzeria, expected in Monza in 2023. An initiative that confirms the Coop Lombardia’s commitment in favor of people affected by autism spectrum disorders and also demonstrated with the opening in Monza of the first ‘Autism Friendly’ shop in the large-scale distribution sector in Europe created in collaboration with PizzAut and Alla3.

“We deliver a check for 60,000 euros to Nico Acampora and the friends of PizzAut. This is the money raised by Coop members and by Coop through the various support and collaboration activities with PizzAut in 2022 – said Alfredo De Bellis, vice president of Coop Lombardia – Two and a half years ago we met Nico Acampora of PizzAut and we decided to become their partner to allow him to realize the many dreams he has”.

PizzAut has, in fact, launched a social inclusion laboratory through the creation of a place run by children with autism supported by catering and rehabilitation professionals. “Coop is a reality close to PizzAut even before PizzAut became known – explained the president of PizzAut Nico Acampora – A sincere and strong closeness that will help us open the second restaurant where we will be able to offer work and training to another twenty-five autistic kids. We will open in Monza and we will make a gigantic kitchen of 220 square meters as well as two small apartments as a gymnasium for independent housing for kids who are usually forgotten”.

Also present at the delivery of the check was Omar Pedrini, former Timoria singer and friend of both Coop and PizzAut who declared: “From PizzAut a problem is transformed into a social revenge too. These guys demonstrate their skills and an imitative mechanism has been created, there are already nine ‘Autism Friendly’ Coop Lombardia supermarkets. Nico Acampora’s energy has infected everyone”.