Cop26 2021, agreement in Glasgow on coal but agreement disappoints

India is pushing for the “gradual reduction” of coal rather than elimination

Agreement reached at COP26, but the agreement is downward. The United Nations Climate Change Conference, underway in Glasgow, is formally calling on countries to initiate the gradual reduction of coal.

There is no lack of controversy and disappointment. L’Indiain fact, he asked to change the wording, with the use of the expression “gradually reduce” instead of “gradually eliminate” the use of energy deriving from the exploitation of coal. The request came at the start of the final session of the conference.

“Very disappointed”, commented the Liechtenstein representative, speaking of an unambitious choice and not in line with the goal of 1.5 degrees. “But for the greater good we must swallow this bitter pill.” “We have been sidelined by a non-inclusive and non-transparent process,” Mexican representatives commented. ‘Deep disappointment’ was expressed on behalf of the Marshall Islands and “immense disappointment” from Fiji.

The delegates gave an applause to the president of the conference, Alok Sharma, who – evidently moved – presented his apology: “I understand the profound disappointment, but it is essential to protect this package”, he declared before asking for the approval of the revised text. at the request of India.

The European Union “wanted to go even further”negotiator Frans Timmermans said. And the Indian proposal to change the language of the agreement to ask for the “gradual reduction” rather than the “phasing out” of the energy deriving from the exploitation of coal is a “further disappointment”: “We know that it takes longer to get rid of the coal, the greater the burden you place on the natural environment, but also on your economy. Coal is not even an economically smart proposition, which is why we want to accelerate output. “