Cop27, Biden: “I apologize for US withdrawal from climate agreements, now more ambitious goals”

The intervention of the US president in Sharm El Sheikh: “US will respect emissions limits by 2030, the climate crisis affects the very life of the planet”

I apologize for the US withdrawal from the Paris Accordsbut now our goals are more ambitious. “This was stated by Joe Biden, speaking today at COP27 in Egypt, recalling how one of the first acts of his administration was to include the United States in the climate agreements from which Donald Trump had emerged . “The United States will meet emission limits by 2030“, the president said, recalling the signing of the law, the Inflation Reduction Act, which has the largest investments so far launched in the US to combat the climate crisis. A crisis, Biden recalled,” affects human and economic security. environmental and national security and the life of the planet itself “.

Outlining the steps that will support sustainable economic growth globally, Biden explained that “good environmental policy is good economic policy“. Biden then recalled that with the Inflation Reduction Act, 370 billion dollars were allocated for clean energy and claimed that with him the US has returned to being a leader in the fight against climate change.” I have arrived. to the presidency determined to make the necessary changes for America and the rest of the world to overcome decades of opposition and obstacles to progress on this issue – he said – to re-establish the United States as a reliable and committed global climate leader. ”

In particular, he illustrated the new rules that federal contractors must comply with for the reduction and publication of their emissions, thus using public procurement to mobilize the private sector as well in the fight against climate change.

Plus Biden, he announced new rules of his administration to reduce super polluting emissions of methane gaswith the aim of reducing them by 87% compared to 2005 levels. “To permanently lower the emissions curve, each nation must do its part – he concluded – in this conference we must renew and relaunch our commitments, the US is acting, everyone must act, it is a duty and a responsibility of global leadership “.

Biden also had bilateral talks with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to discuss a “series of bilateral issues and continue our human rights dialogue”. For his part, al-Sis has claimed, addressing in particular to foreign media, to have “a comprehensive approach” on human rights, with a “national strategy”, however saying he is “eager to improve”.

In recent days Biden had said that he intended to join the other international leaders who intervened to ask for the release of Alaa Abd El-Fattah, the Egyptian-British activist since last April on hunger strike, and from Sunday also of thirst. The Egyptian authorities are subjecting him to force-feeding, family members have denounced who appealed to the American president.

Biden also thanked Sisi “for hosting Cop27 in a region that has long been called the cradle of the world, it seems so appropriate”. The president then recalled “the strong partnership” between the US and Egypt, praising the mediation role of the Egyptians for Gaza and how “in the face of Russia’s war in Ukraine, Egypt spoke strongly to the UN”.

Even the Egyptian president defined today’s meeting “a great opportunity to strengthen the strategic relationship between our two countries”, recalling that he had already met, always on the sidelines of COP27, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other US parliamentarians with whom ” we talked about many issues “.

“I would also like to take the opportunity to speak to the American media about general issues about the Middle East and how things are going”, concluded the Egyptian president, referring precisely to human rights, speaking of “a comprehensive approach that I would like him to hear. we have to say, because we are eager to improve “.

“We launched a national human rights strategy – he concluded – and then an initiative for national dialogue, which coincided with a presidential amnesty committee”.