Cop27, EU countries judge Egypt’s agreement unacceptable

Days of negotiation to arrive at a stalemate. The EU countries would have judged “unacceptable” the proposal made by Egypt, host country of the COP27 underway in Sharm el Sheikh, for an agreement at the climate summit. A French official allegedly said the proposal would not be ambitious enough on reducing carbon emissions. “At this stage, the Egyptian presidency is questioning the results obtained in Glasgow on reducing emissions. This is unacceptable for France and for the countries of the European Union,” said the French official of the ministry for energy transition.

Timmermans: “Without good agreement ready to leave”

The European Union is ready to abandon the negotiations at Cop27 in Sharm el-Sheikh if ​​a satisfactory agreement is not found on relief for the losses and damages of global warming, because “no agreement is better than no agreement”. Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans told reporters this morning. The EU wants the deal on the fund to have a broad donor base and be linked to maintaining the 1.5 degree limit on global warming.

Timmermans: “Broadening the donor base”

Timmermans had proposed creating a “response fund” for climate disasters with two basic conditions: “broadening the donor base”, i.e. integrating large emitters such as China and Saudi Arabia, and a strong and explicit commitment from the nearly 200 countries of the COP to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. The link between the fund and the reduction of emissions has created problems for the negotiation. The Egyptian presidency would have presented a text “which would eliminate the obligation of states to regularly increase the targets for cutting emissions”, explained a French source. Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri said the “vast majority” of conference participants judged Cairo’s position “balanced”.