Cop28, al-Jaber and the controversy over fossil fuels: “I respect science”

The conference president at the head of the United Arab Emirates delegation responds to criticism: “Misinterpreted words, attempt to undermine leadership”

“We believe in and respect science very much.” As Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, president of COP28 of Dubai, today wanted to clarify his position on climate change after the ‘Guardian’ released an audio from November 21st in which he stated that ”without fossil fuels we go back to the caves”.

During a press conference, al-Jaber said he wanted to ”clarify my position on a scientific level”. While the streets of Dubai filled with protesters, the Emirati leader said that his words have been ‘misinterpreted’‘ and stated that ”I honestly think there’s some confusion out there and misrepresentations. I am quite surprised by the continued and repeated attempts to undermine the work of the COP28 presidency.”

In his opinion, he added, ‘‘phasing out fossil fuels is crucial. It must be orderly, fair and responsible”. As proof of his faith in science, al-Jaber recalled that he had ”an engineering background” and that ”my respect for science, my belief in science and my passion for science have allowed me to progress in my career”.